…beach adventure..or shall I say “bitch adventure”


I don’t really know if I am a good writer but all I know is that I am loving every word that comes from my mind. I was inspire by Lucas Scott. I wish I can be as good as him.

Today is July 31, 2008. Me, F3, Lara and Gemma are going to the beach. Yippeeee. Wait! I forgot somebody. Valerie, my darling, my sweetheart, my baby will be joining us too. Mina can’t join us today. It’s her business partner’s birthday. It could have been much better if Mina and Allen was there.

Destination: Undecided. (supposed to be somewhere in ajman)

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I thought I can’t. I have to prepare Valerie’s stuff also known as “The Pink Kit”. I have to remind lara and gemma as well. I am pretty sure that 6:00 am was too early for them. And I was right.

But it was cool. At least it was not so hot yet. Everybody is in a beach attire with their fabulous and festive moods. As for me…I was cute! Hihihi…. Valerie, Oh My God she is in her favorite blue shirt and her favorite collar and tag with her name engraved on it.

Everybody is excited. It was a half an hour drive from Dubai. When we reached Ajman, we were confused where to go. The place was lovely though. I love the palms built around the seaside (of course, as usual they are all fake)

Another 30 minutes is gone. Still we are not able to find a place. So we roam around once again. We weren’t finding a specific place though….until we found Kempinski hotel. We decided to find another place because we felt that the price wasn’t so practical and I have a feeling that we can still find something more better and economical.

My feeling was right. Next to Kempinski is Ajman Beach Hotel. It was 30 bucks per person. Not bad. Sharing the same beach with Kempinski is fair enough I guess. From 140 bucks to 30 bucks. Remember..I have to save money. I am broke!

The place was good as we were expecting. I mean for 30 bucks? It is a very good place. The sun started to hit our skins. Valerie started to show her long tongue already, it means she’s starting to feel exhausted. Few minutes after, we started taking pictures…Of course with the camera queen Gemma. (photos to upload soon.)

F3 is loving the sun. In contrary to that…I wasn’t. I guess the heat wasn’t so normal. It was literally hot. I can even feel it till the bottom of my butt.

I swam…swam like a mermaid. Of course. don’t forget the fact that also dreamt of becoming one. I love the water. At least it was cold. The waves are ferocious. It was celebrating with us. After a couple of swimming back and forth, I decided to sleep in the adjustable bed. With few minutes of sun tanning and sleeping, I suddenly realized that I am in the same color as the wood next to me….”Dark Brown”.

Moving on. We all got starved. So we decided to have our lunch. There is this one restaurant next to the beach that offers buffet lunch. We sat and started seeing the place. I am so lovvvvvinggggg it. Valerie is welcomed everywhere. Of course, she is the darling of the crowd. I guess everyone thought that she was a mouse.

The lunch was excellent. We had a couple of drinks and decided to pack up. The girls, specially lara is feeling so sleepy already. I guess she slept at around 4 am. Why? As her new MAC book.

Gemma on the other hand was still “wet” beautiful. She looks stunning but……I have to say. She looks thinner. She hates me when I say that. Forgive me gem. You know that I love you…but i just have to say it.

So what happened to Valerie? She is just loving every single minute of the adventure. The full time, she was just stretching her legs in the sand…tongue down. I am afraid that she might have heat stroke. But I guess not. She is just enjoying it. Lara told me that it is their form of sweating.  Everyone who passes by can’t miss to see how lovely she is. With a little bit of sand in her nose. So cute. I love that finally I was able to spend time with her. She needs that and she loves it also.



So we packed up and drove ourselves back home. Of course I have to send the company back to their places. We had a great day. It was fun. I can’t wait to do it again. Specially now that we just knew a good place to stay. Maybe by next time we can occupy a room.

Valerie got tired. She slept on my lap while I was driving back. Actually all of us. HIHIHI..What can I do? I have to focus myself unto driving.

What a very good day to spend our holiday and extended weekend.

It was great. It was indeed the right definition of “fun”. With such wonderful friends joining you. I am sure you will love every moment of it.

God is great

I have to post this before the clock strikes 12:00 am.

I love you all. I have to sleep. Such a tiring yet unforgettable day.




ok fine. so i lied.

Hello world.

So yesterday was full of lies. First, I greet an old friend a happy birthday in contrary to what i wrote yesterday. Ok so I lied. I just can’t help it. I was thinking about it the whole night of Monday evening and I just thought…what a heck…it won’t kill me if I greet him. I am just trying to be civilized.

Question: Is it the truth?

Answer: I doubt. I really don’t know. Half of my mind says no…Half of it says the opposite. I am so confused. But that is actually so easy…I mean..sounds so easy..but nevertheless it was still mind boggling. It is like surfing google and google has given you 10,000 search results. My fault was when he gave me a reply, I responded with an essay.

What do you think?

Did I just overreact and overwrote. It’s not so obvious that I was a bit excited to send him an email right?

convince yourself lee!


false move.


Is it me or my pride?

I am going out of office. Let me figure it out while driving.

HIGHLIGHTS OF YESTERDAY: OMG…lara just bought a new Mac Book for herself and a Mac Desktop for her hubby. Isn’t it sweet? That’s actually an aniv gift for F3. Good investment as well. Lar’s if you’re reading this…as what I keep on repeating, you deserve it. ok? You’ve been slogging your butt out working so hard. So I guess this is the right time to reward yourself. I ammmm ssoooooo envy and hope to buy one for myself soon. But not now coz I am officially broke. grrrrr…

catch u lateeerrr aligateeeer



…….if i have to be honest? really honest?

Happy Birthday.

It feels so weird that today is your birthday and I’m not even going to share it with you for the first time.



That was actually a dumb opinion and I should be knowing the answer to it…if in any case the last word I utter is “WHY” ?

Isn’t it strange? We had our best together…we had our best once. I must say that I am a deeply hurt that you find me so expendable and just blew everything off.

But I guess that would be it.

If I have to be really honest…….I would say it loud that I really wanted to be with you today. For old time sake.

I miss you. I don’t think that it would make me less of a person if I’ll let you know that.

But being with you would definitely bring back the hell out of me. So better not.

I’ll just think of the happy days…instead of the ungrateful ones.

I just miss you x…. It’s written skin deep.

What could have been worst than this?

If I have to be honest? really honest? ………..then I must say. I am longing for you.

Hypocrisy is not a crime and I am guilty of that.

Your absence hurts.

What I am doing hurts more.

If have to be honest….really honest.

I just want….”US”

the way we were

the simplicity of before

the innocence that i once found in you

the uncorrupted sense and ideas

………..if i could turn back the hands of time.

a blissful yet humid day

Lara is back. Back for a vengeance. The “IT” group is once again completed.

Spill it out lara. (I cannot publish the entire story since it is confidential, flirty confidential.)

She brought me some white chocolates. Hmmmm…my favorite. Bless you Italy for having such delightful sweets.

All of us are in “laugh” mode today. Excited about all the nasty, flirty and funny things that happened during those days that we were apart from each other. I have to say…we all had our say. Except for Mina…which has been good the entire week. HIHIHI..

gemma had the full second season of OTH. Gossssh…I bet she won’t sleep again tonight and finish the entire freaking season.

So what’s up today? I heard somebody just ate dirt today in the smoking area. Fell right into her face. Poor her. Who is she? “DO I SMELL FOOT IN HERE”. Karma occurs when you least expect it. (*winks*) I am so mean. I know…Its in the genes.

Got to stay late again to finish these bulk drafts. Catch you all later.

Nothing much to write. But at least I was able to compose even a little crap.

You all have fun..

with love and kisses here,


tragic accident

Again, it was already late when I left the office. It was dark in the lobby. I was walking….with my Ipod…(the anti social kit) when suddenly…..(bwahhhhh)…Vishy….

He was hiding behind the big plant while waiting for me to pass by.

Cruel intention but funny indeed. Hihihi.

I was exhausted again when I realized that I have to use Gate no 3 to exit my way out. Grrrrr…The corridor was already dark…and you know….times like this….freaky…You need juicy fruit gum. hihi

I ran…. pretending that it was not creepy.

My car was hot. It was humid.

On my way out after a few kilometers away…Damn…a pile of big cars were lined up and banged each other.  Bannnnnngggg! So the vicinity was full of everything….gossipers…police….and the people who are involved in the accident.

My God. I was trying to click a picture..But the police saw me and asked me to continue driving. So I ceased from taking it. Luckily I had one. But I am not so sure if that was clear since it was dark already. The flash wasn’t working properly I guess.

I freaked out for a while. I hate scenes like this. One minute you were driving and the next minute you are cold dead.

Scary..accidents do happen. As what my favorite shirt has quoted..Life is short. PRAY HARD. You cannot leave your life out of fear. So have  a blast and enjoy it.

I’m taking off. SO long folks!

I am really tired. Really really tired and hungry. But I had dinner already @ 11:00 pm. (gosszzzh) so next on my list is to sleep…..

I’ll see you in my dreams.

with all my love



one tree hill

I am an addict.

I have to admit that.

Season’s 4 and 5 DVD set is on the way. Yippeeee….Thanks to e-bay. They never failed me ever since.

From Valerie’s clothing……to my One Tree Hill obsession.

I just love it. I can’t just hide the excitement.

One Tree Hill fanatics out there. I am sure you can feel me right now.

Good night! see you in my dreams.


sixta! (da who?)—–she told me to use this name!

Yawnss……..yawns again…..and writes.

Ok. So..let me drink my coffee first.

I have a blind item and you better guess it right. Hihihi… 🙂

Somebody just dared to conquer the Landmark Group office “maze”. Well, she’s not the first one to fight her fear.

I was the record holder, but now…hmmmmmm… I guess we have a new challenger.

So we were both in the office. Both stayed in the office pretty late….both had our cigarette break.

She was so busy…..she managed to complete all her pending works while I was doing mine. she packs up, she wined up a little bit ahead of me, she bids farewell….She enters the elevatorshe walked the same way that we went through in the morning…she figured out….she’s lost.

bangggg!!!! panic attack. Let us find the markers.

She called for help. The queen goes for a rescue.

She was exhausted. She’s still smiling. HIHIHI…that’s what you call grace under pressure.

And who is she?

Go figure.

Clue: She’s cute. We all love her. She’s firing hot and she’ll never come again to work on a saturday! 🙂

Another clue: She has a diary too! ….

all smiles!



wedding bells

Ooooo..! wait….this is a continuation of my post prior to this.

I was shocked and happy at the same time. Finally ryan and louise are getting married.

I am honored to be part of it. Can’t wait to plan another special occasion of two in love birds. Specially, people who are very close to my heart.

I envy them. I was looking forward for that special moment to come. Finally, all’s well that ends well.

I am just happy for both of them.

Wish you both happiness forever.

Soon to be newly weds. The Macapil-Principe nuptials. Too bad that it’s going to happen on December. I am off for my annual leave in November. Sad. But….I am sure that can be resolved.

Love you guys!

freaky friday


O damn. Why do I have to check that f*ckin thing out. It just ruined my day.

I don’t want to elaborate further.

My mom craved for Burger King. Hihi! So I have to drive her with my sister. Well, well, well, I have to get my fave Baskin Robin shake of course. So when I had it….I got beserk.

I dropped by one store which sells party costumes. I was amazed to see the “afro” wig that I was looking for in my entire life. Now I know where to run when I need it. They sell weired halloween costumes also. Glow in the dark, finger cuts, fake 5 inch nails. Everything under the sun.

After spending time eating….we all went home “full”

I had a chat with Ces today. Unfortunately, randel was not there. I miss them both.It  is regarding their plans of working here which is going to happen soon. First month of 2009 for sure. I can’t wait for it. I am so exzzzzcited. Grrr….The power of three is back. Architects of the new millenium.

It’s so unsual for me to get extra time despite my busy schedule. I just love it. I got the chance to chat with my closest friends. I love them all. Ces had a chance to ask me about my love life. I told her “next question please”. I just suddenly remembered Euman Neri….O

I don’t know why. Psycho as*.

OOOhhh that boy!!! My God. I will post a blog about the full story of it soon! Well, it’s nice to bring up things which has happened in the past. Be it good or bad. Wait and see more.

I forgot my phone in the car. It almost got toasted by the heat of the sun. Oh! Almost. Gemma sent me a message. She slept at 6:30 am. Damn. Why? Ask the One Tree Hill cast. She is now the new OTH fanatic. Same as me. At least there will be somebody that I can discuss about the next coming episodes.

Good luck Gemma. HIHIHI. I will make sure that you’ll have a  hard time getting the copies of the second season. (Just kiddin’). How can I say “no” to such Lovely gal!!!!

I will catch you all again soon. It’s pretty late. I am not sleeping yet. I am converting movies and I am telling you…..it’s becoming a “job” now.

But lovin’ it.

Ei…puny ant! Stop the crap of writing pathetic craps ok. It’s not even healthy reading eat. But what a heck? WHy am I still opening it.

Conclusion: It is still my fault.

My bad.




Five Rewarding Careers that Let You Have a Life

Written by Joe Taylor Jr.



Whether you want to travel to exotic destinations, visit relatives, or simply have more time to care for loved ones, a career with flexible time off can make a big difference in your quality of life. While many Americans enjoy a mere one or two weeks of vacation time each year, some professionals spend two to three months of each year away from the job.





The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the following five careers will experience some of the fastest job growth of all careers over the next decade. Each one of these career paths offers its own set of perks in addition to seasonal scheduling:


1. Resort Chef


While most food reviewers fawn over eateries in New York and London, many of the world’s most innovative chefs whip up dishes at resort hotels and spas all over the world. Tourism hot spots like Aspen, Florida, and the Napa Valley rely on seasonal workers with culinary degrees to impress guests and highlight local cuisine.


In many cases, you can attend culinary degree programs during the off-season and earn a salary to offset tuition and living expenses. Some employers even offer culinary school courses as part of ongoing professional development programs. A seasonal job as a hotel cook often pays over $28,000 per year, not including the travel benefits often offered by larger employers.


2. Teacher K-12


Many teachers use the summer to catch up with family, enjoy long vacations, and complete additional online education courses. Even with three months off, many K-12 teachers earn over $41,000 per year. Changes in recruitment policies now mean that you can start a teaching job in many places before completing a degree in education.


New state and federal mandates require job applicants to complete at least a few online education courses before beginning their teaching careers. Many school districts have even invested in dedicated recruitment programs designed to help professionals from other fields earn education degrees. For retirees, a teaching career offers the chance to stay active while earning an income and enjoying summers off.


3. Fashion Designer


If you love to work hard and play hard, a fashion design career could be a perfect fit. Established designers often enjoy a few weeks of downtime following the launch of a major collection. Fashion design degree programs can help you land internships with design houses or with the organizations that stage Fashion Week events.


For fashion design professionals with low-key personalities, specializing in a particular season’s clothing or a niche accessory line can help you have more time free without as much stress. Upon completion of fashion school, you can often earn more than $28,000 per year. Starting your own business, as 25 percent of designers do, can boost your income above $55,000 per year.


4. Freelance/Fill-In Paralegal


A growing number of law firms and large companies hire freelance and temporary paralegals to cover for sick or vacationing staff members. Meanwhile, some freelance paralegals with criminal justice degrees focus on just the kinds of cases that excite them. Either way, a personal paralegal practice is one of the few careers in law that offers extended vacation time without the rigors of passing the bar exam.


A career as a freelance paralegal holds the same level of risk as running any kind of small business. However, a combination of paralegal training and business savvy can result in a strong income. Most full-time paralegals report earnings of over $38,000 per year. By charging a premium for short-term service, freelance paralegals frequently make more by working less.


5. Software Developer


During the first web boom of the early 1990s, software companies relied on freelance programmers with technology degrees to ramp up quickly and meet deadlines. Today, companies from all kinds of industries rely on contract professionals with engineering degrees to handle one-time tasks or to take on outsourced specialty projects.


Online technology courses allow freelance software developers to stay up to date on the latest coding standards. Combining an online computer science degree with courses in business and marketing can help round out the skill set necessary to land big projects, especially when separated by vacation-sized gaps.

Preparing for Extra Time Off


Like the five careers examined here, most jobs that offer more than the average amount of vacation time also require:


ü       a higher tolerance for risk,

ü       an entrepreneurial spirit,

ü       ongoing professional development,

ü       time management skills, and

ü       Money management skills.


Fortunately, training for a new career also opens the opportunity to build overall job skills. In most cases, adding a few key electives to a degree program can mean the difference between clocking in from nine to five and setting your own schedule.


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