……and below is a complete proof of a love “she” calls pure!

I was an unusually bright, sunny day. There I was, walking to the bus stop to wait for my shuttle. It was hot, and the air was dry, and my coat was starting to get heavy from the sweat that started to accumulate as I exited my house. As I boarded the welcome relief of the air-conditioned coaster, I sat in wonder what have I gotten myself into.

I remember the first day that I saw you. The perfume you had on lingered in my head. The smile you gave me when you offered me a cigarette was one for the books. You shook my hand, never realizing that when you did, you opened doors for the impossible. It’s as if that moment, I knew that there was definitely something, something about you that will make or break me.

There is kindness in you, innate kindness that others do not see. Kindness that melts away locked keepsakes and forces one to be hopeful. It judges no one, and sees truth behind beautifully built facades. I saw in you everyday, the silent man underneath. You are full of nonsense in a world full of idiots and vulgarity, and yet when all the pretending is over, you revert to your true self. That is, a man with truth and sadness and beauty spun around a world full of satin branches. So fragile you are, yet so beautiful.

I do not know why I say these things to you, and why my heart skips a beat every time you pass by. I do not know why I write stuff that I can’t seem to find. I just know that when you are near, and when I close my eyes, and when you see me, I smile back and say I see you too.

It would just have been wrong, if we held on to those glances. It would have been fine, if we never gave into the romance. It would have been okay, to mind our business aside from our usual professional banters. I would be just dandy, if you have never left you seat and extended your hand to mine.

I do not regret, the day I saw you. The day I got to know you is another story. You have unwittingly changed me. I am special to you as you are mine. And I will be yours in our little dreams, in our friendly wishes.

I did not tell you to love me, love is such an over-rated word. The feeling that comes forth after uttering those 3 words is the deal-breaker.
They always ask me, to never forget them. I always say yes, I will never do. But as I peddled as fast away from you as I could, I knew, that you are one of the two persons in my life that I WILL NEVER FORGET…Because just for an instance, I got myself figured out.
You will never know that you have stolen my heart.

I woke up, because my pre-programmed routine alarm went off. I know I am near the office. I fixed myself up and pulled my glasses close to my eyes. I combed my hair and stood up. As I alighted from the shuttle onto the lift that will take me to the office I know and love, I glanced back and there you were…smiling back at me.

I almost fell for you. ALMOST.

Thank God I woke up.


I will see you again in my dreams tonight

My Love.

……I admire you for this! Love can really move anyone…even the people you least expect to! Hail…the lovely ant!


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