…one down note

I can now hear my bed calling me. I am on my emergency leave for five days…Same as Gemma Cruz Cruz Cruz…and I hope she is feeling better now. WHattta BFW??? 🙂 i just love you gem.

I miss office. I miss work. But why is it that every time I am there…I feel like I am out of nowhere. Even if I have so many things filed up for the day, still I have difficulties in deciding where and how to start.

Heart break syndrome??? NAH…NAH….don’t think so. I have been like this recently and I am completely clueless on why is it so…until now.

I hope my mom gets well soon. I am worried…scared…paranoid. Whatever it is…I have faith in God.

Let me pray and talk to him. I hope he listens. Let me grab my sleep after..



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