Miss Egypt is a real pain in the neck; she slapped Riyo backstage when by mistake she stepped on her dress. Then she was horrified when she realized she just had slapped Miss Universe! LOL She was saying –“I am sorry I did not know that it was you!!”… Riyo told her: “it is okay, but you should not do that anyway to anyone, this is not really nice”. She was mortified.

Also she shares the room with is Canada and she smokes cigarettes after cigarettes and Miss Canadaasked her kindly to pls go outside when she wishes to smoke. She turned around and said: “why? This is MY room?!” Nice girl indeed! Sometimes I wonder why this kind of girl bothers to come here…. Hiroko and Sun adore their respective roommates, they were lucky with Miss Ireland and El Salvador because they are the sweetest girls.

Above is commentary blog from Ines Ligron, Miss Universe Japan’s pageant organizer. She is in Vietnam right now covering the prestigious pageant which is going to conclude on July 13. I was shocked….stammered. This is something. I mean, I am not against the Egyptians..but after reading this, 3 words: WHAT AN ATTITUDE?

I love Riyo, so much! And with what she did! I’m sure the pyramids will become more sharper.



  1. Thu Trang said,

    May 26, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    I have heard about Ines Ligron’s blog. Could you please email me the link of her blog? Her blog sounds interesting for me. My email: belletrang88@yahoo.co.uk Thank you so much and have a great day

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