the week ends

I just woke up. My alarm wasn’t working but Valerie (barking for food) never failed to do her rituals.

Have to send my sister to work. While I was driving, I tried to remember what was my dream last night. It was Joyce Alesna, my professor back in my junior days. It was still clear. Trying to grab my brain’s built in film.

Here is the scenario. Me entering the classroom. Late as usual. She uttered something….I don’t remember it exactly. “I have read your article last night, it was good”. Something close to that. Rephased it a bit.

I started browsing the pages of my “Dreamers Book”. Negative…of course, I doubt if the book tells you in detail if the dream was about “Lee being a young writer”. I got tired searching for it. I threw the book back to its place and sat in front of the tube.

I had an early “laugh trip”, when I saw the news in the morning about one of the PBA imports throwing ball to his Filipino opponent…and….wait…..James Yap????…drawing it from the back..took its full force to give that “blackie” a lesson. I wonder what was Krissey’s reaction on that. I’m not referring on the “kicking” part of it…but the scene when James was running in the court’s outskirt…screaming for help…while “blackie” was seeking for revenge.

🙂 hahaha..that was furious. Funny and immature. Can’t wait for the you-tube post.

Fact: Going back to my Sophomore years when I was in High School. I was the class president. A consistent politician since I was a freshman. I got impeached! Yaiiikksss.. Me and our adviser, didn’t get along that much. Issues, insecurities..of course back stabbing is there. COMPLICATED. Tsk..tsk…tsk. First time in the history of College! I doubt if even UP can outstand that.


cheers from queen b


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