mall of the emirates (in shorts)

Mall of the Emirates. Next destination. You know that I hate crowd, right? PLUSSS +++++ I was wearing shorts. Have to curse my sister…its all her fault. 🙂 She has to go back to Zara and return some clothes which didn’t fit her. Blame it to the carbo!

Cut: Prior to that and before I forget. I was drivin’. 120 km/hr. Some black Hummer rushed in front us running like sh*t. Guess he/she needs toilet. Who ever he/she is. Next time drive safely. We all love our life. But that was not the issue. At the back of his/her car something was written which caught my attention..”THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH”. I love my Blog. I don’t want to give any comments. My Lawyers are on leave. You do the thinking and go figure.

Going back to my Mall of the Emirates adventure. As expected, the mall was crowded. I am loving every inch of it (think of the opposite). I met Marie, (a very sweet and close friend) and her cute and cuddly daughter Laureen. It’s been a year since the last time we saw each other. Laureen is damnnnnnnnnn cute. She is so sweet and I can’t keep myself from pinching her big, fat rosy cheeks. Marie lost a little bit of weight, guess it has something to do with stress. Good for her. If that is the case then, stress doesn’t work for me. 🙂

After that, we parted ways…and we rushed back home. Moving out from the parking was a pain in the a**. Good gracious it took us half an hour to finally see the light. Praise God. This is the best thing about it. The capital “P”. I wish RTA can think of something better to solve this freakin* burden.


Be right back soon.


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