one tree hill

I miss watching One Tree Hill. I finished season’s 1 to 4 and until now I am not able to get a copy of the fifth season. Is it still running on its fifth? or sixth? Too bad that I-tunes is not working here in Dubai. I could have easily bought the latest season online. If somebody is interested to sell copies or anyone who can tell me how can I get it online. Please feel free to contact me ok. I am dying to see it. I miss chad and james….actually all of them. But who won’t miss the cute ones first?  A friend was tring to tell me what was the synopsis of the latest season..But I asked her to stop. I don’t want to spoil my excitement by knowing what happened partially. Do I stand a point?

Anyways…I am so sleepy. I just finished my Miss Universe reviews and final thoughts a few minutes back. Go through it and have your say. I love you all. I love you world. I love you Norman. By the way, I watched the Little Black Book Movie on its third time. It was still great. My f*ckin I-phone is making me addicted to movies.

Goodbye for now.

Stay cool and beautiful.

queen b


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