red valerie: red alert

The princess is bleeding.

I arrived at around 7:00 pm today. My mom told me that Red Valerie is bleeding. Red is my 1 year and 3 month old female chihuahua. My Baby. My Life. She is as big as my shoes. She is sooooo sweet. She knows when I’m home. Never fails to acknowledge my presence. She is an angel. She is priceless…hehe (literally 7**** dhs)

My Princess Red Valerie

My Princess Red Valerie

RED ALERT. She is bleeding. Consecutively. And if I am not mistaken, she is in heat. Poor girl. I wasn’t expecting it this soon.

The Princess...Jailed

The Princess...Jailed

All available breeders out there (preferably Dubai residents). Those who have dog studs. Of course male chihuahuas. Please reach me through my e-mail .

Red Valerie would be very glad to see you too.


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