…early morning..early coffee fronting burj dubai

It has been 2 years since the Burj Dubai has started its ground breaking. I am an Architect, I am supposed to be “hyping” its towering existence. 

When I woke up this morning, had my early coffee and before going for a shower, I went outside and did some stretching. Two years,  and it is just my first time to actually notice the gigantic structure which is built a few kilometers away from where I am staying.



…think…think…think…I took my camera and clicked a snap of it. It is damn high. The tallest building in the world…not seen on T.V. but on my windows. History is just at my doorstep.

See more of Dubai’s future projects by visiting my website: http://www.bengwic.com/DUBAI2008.pdf .

Architecture at its best.

Architecture redefined.

Architecture, beyond its limit.

Be amazed, looks good in picture? you bet it’s better to see it yourself.

Another thing, I have got a couple of projects in Dubai Mall also, the largest mall in the world. It is next to Burj Dubai. Soon it will be over also. Pictures will be available soon. Personally taken by the “bee” himself.

cheers. head’s up.


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