Clumsy or just careless. I dropped my I-phone……..(smasssssshhhhhhhhh….) my mom saw it after it fell down…(ooops) another smaaaaaassssshhhhhh..



Moral Lesson: Don’t be too excited when you have something new at hand….or end up loosing it… hihihi. In the case of my poor I-phone…it is in comatose. struggling for life and death.

It’s in “off” mode. Tried pressing the on button…it doesn’t work. Now…don’t convince yourself that the phone was fine after it penetrated your concrete floor. Great mind, comes great thinking. Stupid but pointful (antonym: pointless, ain’t found in wikipedia). Reality check: you learn how to value something when they are gone and irreplaceable.

Let me just have a quick nap and pretend that it was all a dream. Ok great! enough of the sh*t.

Let my eyes drop on its own while thinking of the next word to type.



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