June 13, 4:22 AM, Dubai

I had a 2 hour sleep. That was long. Long enough to doze in front of my notebook. Typing while eyes are closed isn’t normal. Well, why should I be surprised?

I’ll be watching the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant Live at 9:00pm EST. Too early. 5:00 am Dubai time. I just hope that the results is going to be worth a wait.

Thanks Global beauties for informing us where we can watch it live since Dubai channels really suck. I don’t want to elaborate, but it is a pain in the a** believe me.

I hope my bet wins. 500 bucks at stake. Taliana. Go home and nail it.

Good luck Jennifer. You are still our country’s girl. No doubt. You have performed your best and no doubt you will have a bright future ahead of you girl.

Cut: Last night….Me, Gemma and Lara had an fine dine at Yo Sushi. “VIRGIN” with Sushi bars. Proud to be one. Pretty amazed and surprised. Nice moving “thingy”. That’s what you call mobile dining. I stopped eating sushi since I was back in high school. Why? Long story. But, you bet it was worth stopping.

So…. I was on it last night…scared…had a little phobia. “Sushiphobia” : Fear of Sushi” . But when it reached my big and flexible trap…I survived.

Sushi is back in my so called “eating norms”.

I was full. I was happy.

Catch you later. The show is about to start.

Go go go Jen and Taliana.

Everybody’s gonna love today.


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