just another normal tuesday

So….anything special happened today?hmmmmmmm…nothing great. i spent my full day roaming around the office. Copies here…phone call when back….quotations…drawings…costings…perspective…don’t you think that is overflowing?


Well, its another normal tuesday. Another normal day. Another normal encounters with the same crowd.

The “IT” girls…Gemma, mina and lara….they are the best cure to boredom. 5 time cigarette sessions were enough to satisfy my crave to give myself a break. I was wondering, if they weren’t there? i suppose…i already lost my sanity.

I appreciated the load i had in my previous company. At least there…THOUGH IT WASN’T THAT BIG!…we were happy. we had fun…it was round the clock.

We laugh..talk..we let the time pass as if nothing happened. We don’t even notice it. We were small…but we were big at heart.

Gone are the days. Gone are the best days….

Moving on, it was off the record coz I left the office on time (not another addicted employee). I deserve that. My boss left a little early….(rinnnnngggg) that best support my intention to leave early. I finished all my works before the bell rang. hihihi..it was fulfilling. Mina, lars, gemma and yours truly, then evaporated…we went and had dinner at Ibn Batutta Mall. As expected we were bashed…we were looked at….we were popular. (*winks*). I had chicken (what’s new?) …expect the next day..ill start to lay eggs also. The rest of the “it” girls had a “mild” dinner.

We went to mina’s place after. I borrowed a couple of DVD movies as my favorite hobby nowadays is converting them. I have to feed my I-phone…remember…it is still in coma state. CloserBridges of Madison County..That thing you do..boredom easers…!!!!.my sister would love it for sure. Thanks to the inevitable kindness of my dear friend mina girl.

I love you all..I’m gonna take off as my whole spirit is about to collapse.

ciaoooo….see you when i see you…



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