the “it”girls strike again




Lars, gemma and of course yours truly had coffee at burjuman. I forgot the place…..wait…

yeah coffee bean it is. there is no best coffee when you don’t spend it with such great friends. F3 also joined us. That “boyoyoy”…hihihi. F3 PEACE. Mina, on the other hand wasn’t able to join us. She needs to spend time with cutie “Alen”.

It was damn hot. I was sweating like a pig. I guess it was 50 degrees again, just like the other day. It was “hell” hot. Literally.

Guess I have to carry 2 hankies tomorrow onwards.

So what happened today?  I had straight meetings here and there. I arrived in late in the office today. I finished a couple of drawings which was long due…had a smoke break. and by the way….I had a glimpse of the so called “user friendly”. can’t tell more of the details because I am trying to avoid not to talk about him. Silly discussion if i’ll start.

So much for that: tomorrow, I am off to Abu Dhabi. Business matter…… I will try to see if I can take pics of my visit.

I love being there.

Even if it’s a 2 hour drive from Dubai…it never fails to impress me. Again, its going to be a sleepy drive with my Iphone to the rescue.

I am preparing my reviews for the recently concluded Miss Universe beauty pageant. Watch out for it. I’ll make sure that i will be worth reading.

It’s the weekend once again.

It’s my mom’s birthday on Friday…it’s gonna be a delightful one.

ciaoooo!!! i’m taking off….goodbye for now.


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