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I have to admit that this has got “tons” of grammatical errors. 



I was in a haste preparing it coz I have to catch the first church mass early tomorrow. I have to finish it in less than 1 hour. For all those “walking dictionary” viewers out there..just calm down. Ten mistakes won’t lead us having “less brain activity”.  hihihi… por favor…. this is just an opinion ok? so relax. grab a pop corn and go through it. No violent reactions after. (*winks*)     



The bee has spoken. Let us start by comparing how many did I get right as per my prediction list. 








Puerto Rico







South Africa




* red marks are the unfortunate outguessed ones.


It’s 9 out of 15. Not bad compared to my 7 out of 15 last year. Year by year it keeps on improving. I expect that next year, I will be able to reach a 2 digit score.


So Dayana won. As I have said in my prediction blog: Once Miss Venezuela, always Miss Venezuela. It was a well-deserved win. Dayana nailed the final question when she was asked whether which have it easier, men or women:  “Actually, God made men and women different. But the big difference between women and men–it doesn’t matter what kind of life they live–is that men think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight. Women, no. The faster way to go to a point is to go through curves and fixing every curve,”Miss Venezuela answered international judge Louis Lacari. 


The best one so far. I have to give her an “A” for that.


Taliana, my old time bet since the pageant started, had a great answer as well. The bell was a curse when it reached its  “ding dong”. The judges got disturbed and pulled her scores down during the final interview. “Startstruck by Jennifer Hawkins? maybe not!”


In comparison to Dayana’s answer….ahhhhh!!!!! hmmmmmm..that’s a no brainer.


Dayana’s answer was straight to the point. She was not so fluent in English, but she made a very remarkable response.


Tali’s was a mediocre. Dayana edged her and finished a well deserved end held in Crown Convention Center in Nha Trang, Vietnam last Monday.


The second, third and fourth runners-up were Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Russia and Miss Mexico, respectively.


Let’s do it one by one and I’ll share you my inside thoughts about this year’s pageant.


The stage was gigantic and class. It was massive. Colorful. They had an energetic set of dance performers also.


The opening number was hideous. The Opening number song was very common..”EVERYBODY’S GONNA LOVE TODAY”..Give me a break . That was lousy and I cannot even call it a production number. Nothing great about it so far. The individual national costumes were eye catching. It was very long and I started to get bored staring at it.


Melanie B. was oozing hot. Well, I always liked her ever since she started in Spice Girls while Jerry Springer was too old to host a pageant. Come on..this is not Ms. Grandma Universe! He is corny and tried to be funny but it didn’t work out so far. He made a grand entrance riding something like a “scooter”…that was…………ooow…never mind. I prefer to keep my mood in its normal status, but it really sucks!


So, the top fifteen were announced in random order. Let’s see.


















Did I hear it right? Hungary? I hope the judges weren’t “hungry” when they selected her to be in the spot. I hope they had a better explanation. The rest deserves to be in their individual spots. Even if I heard so much that many were surprised about Italy and Russia’s inclusion in the list…I favored the preliminary judges in selecting them, they have the guts and they can both pull the trigger.


So where is Simran and Ingrid. This is not a mock up dress rehearsal show right? Then I was convinced that they weren’t really in the final 15. What went wrong? Whatever it is, I guess it would be reasonable. Blame it to the prelim judges. Esha must be so pissed about Miss India’s exclusion on the finalist. Hihihihi….. A great strategy can accompany a great jinx.


Ingrid???? Somebody must have pepper sprayed her gown once again. This time, it was successful. It worked out and she failed to secure a spot in the final 15. Just an opinion.


So I was going through my list. I was shocked. How could I forget Miss Dominican Republic in my list? How can I afford to overlook such beauty? My God…she is a bomb. Almost……perfect. She even looks better than Amelia Vega in some angles.


The swimsuit competition started. So who was that singer? She was scary. I thought it was CHER. It was a “0” performance for me. My niece can even dance better than her. And what’s with the blonde hair? Sorry if I am so mean, but does she want to replace Miss Albania?


Grrrrrrr….Blonde and not so beautiful.


The one who has got  the best Swimsuits for me were Tali of course, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Dominican Republic. Miss Spain looked like a villain in a “telenovela”. I didn’t like her because of that. She tried to look sultry…ended up looking cocky.


Top 10 were announced.








Dominican Republic





Comment: Miss South Africa deserves to be in the top ten in replacement of Miss Italy.


Miss Thailand won the Best in National Costume Award. So what happened to Miss Philippines?


Miss El Salvador bagged the Miss Congeniality award. It’s better than having nothing at all. Ooopsss..Sorry.


The evening gown competition started. Ok. So, everybody was calm and feeling elegant that moment. I was not informed that Crystle’s ambition was to drop her feet down and fall on her ass. Drop off the rumors about her intentionally doing it…come one..that is absurd! who would waste her time preparing for a once in a lifetime event and just screws it with a bouncing plot like this. Hell no. In fairness to her, she almost dropped her jaw when she just realized (What the f*ck was that?) She tried to hide it, but that 15 minute fame is a “make or break” situation…in that case..she failed to recover from that fall.


That fall has totally changed her future. She could have easily crowned herself and would have the rarest chance of answering any of the final questions. Poor girl. I love her from the start. She reminds me of Wendy Fitzwilliam. It was not her fault though. Blame it to the beads down her gown. The panel of judges gave her a dropping 8.050 mark in the evening gown competition which lead to his exclusion to the Final Five. Russia could have been ousted and she’ll definitely get the spot.


Here are my views regarding their evening gowns.


·         Kosovo – SO….PROM LIKE

·         Australia – VERY COMMON

·         Spain – VERY MERMAID

·         Mexico – OOOLALALA…BEAUTIFUL

·         Colombia – SO COMPLICATED BUT CLASSY

·         USA – NEED TO EXPLAIN?

·         Dominican Republic – VERY NATIONAL COSTUME

·         Russia – VERY OXANA FEDEROVA

·         Italy – NO COMMENT

·         Venezuela- SHE SHINED IN YELLOW


We are almost there. So, top the five finalists were announced. Miss USA crosses her finger till it bleeds. (I hope I’ll be in…I hope I’ll be in…) Let us see. 


Miss Colombia

Miss Venezuela

Miss Dominican Republic

Miss Mexico

Miss Russia


USA must have been so disappointed.


Final questions were rolled out.


Miss Colombia was star struck by Jennifer Hawkins. She stammered. She delivered it well but she got caught by the bell when it rang while she was still conversing.


Venezuela’s answer was perfect. She nailed it. That is why she deserves to receieve the 18K white and yellow gold crown, which was valued at $120,000.


Dominican Republic’s answer was so “Miss Universe”. It was not from the heart. Somewhat like her.  She answered it from the nose.


Miss Mexico tried to answer in English but failed to impress the judges..including me.


Miss Russia: I was surprised. She gave a very good answer. It made me convinced that she should be in the top five.


MORAL LESSON: Don’t say Cin Xiao if you are planning to give a very long answer. CIN XIAO girls. If only there is a “part 2”.


SCOOP: Roberto Cavalli? What’s with the flirty question? But I loved it. The way he uttered the word “satisfyyyyyyy”. OMG. So gay! (*winks*) but it was cool.


Dayana won of course. No doubt. Nobody even questioned it.


Prior to that Riyo Mori had her final walk on her own version of  the “tux”. I was reading some blog, questioning what she wore. Come on…she looks fabulous. Admit it! Sometimes, we need to see and accept the reality that there are people who look good in what they wear. She looked so class…not a trying hard mannequin as every other reigning queen looks like. So all sourgrapers out there…..chill out!


Rounding up. Here is the summary of scores. (Swimsuit/Evening Gown)






Winners in Order

1.) Venezuela – Diana Mendoza (9.697 / 9.327) 
2.) Colombia – Taliana Vargas (9.829 / 9.433) 
3.) Dominican Republic – Marianne Cruz (9.036 / 8.983) 
4.) Russia – Vera Krasova (8.471 / 8.414) 
5.) Mexico – Elisa Najera (9.429 / 9.071) 


6.) Kosovo – Zana Krasniqi (8.264 / 8.120) 
7.) Spain – Claudia Moro (8.200 / 9.150) 
8.) USA – Crystle Stewart (8.050 / 9.207) 
9.) Italy – Claudia Ferraris (7.729 / 7.671) 
10.) Australia – Laura Dundovic (7.557 / 7.814)


11.) Czech Republic – Eliška Bučková (7.386) 
12.) Hungary – Jazmin Dammak (7.229) 
13.) South Africa – Tansey Coetzee (7.133) 
14.) Japan – Hiroko Mima (7.100) 
15.) Vietnam – Lam Thuy Nguyen (7.050)


Everybody was happy with the result. Including me. Dayana looks “everything” that I can imagine from A to Z.


She was a fox in yellow.


She had the “x,y and z” factor.


She is Miss Venezuela redefined. I am so glad that Osmel’s touch is back. The Powerhouse of Beauty is sooooo “on” once again. Who will be next? I hope they will not send another Jictzad Vina. 


Cheers. See you all in Miss Universe 2009, where we share different thoughts but with a common aim.


“To see beauty deep within”


You can download the full video through my website www.bengwic.com/downloads/missuniverse2008.mp4 (620 MB) and will be available for download until next week. Experience the pageant once again and enjoy viewing it through your IPOD and IPHONE. Just bear with the Vietnamese dubbers.  Enjoy the show!



  1. melina said,

    July 27, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    very interesting, anybody could say something better. She was the best, miss venezuela deserved to be the next miss universe 2008. Congratulations! The only thing I do not share with you is that I prefer miss usa in the top five but not mexico. I did not like her, she was so cold and she looked like weird, I do not know but she did not deserved to be on the five top.

  2. beautyexpert said,

    August 4, 2008 at 3:02 am

    m so disapponited that india did not make the top 15. I mean she placed in every prelim competition ” Ao dai, swimsuit and national costume” and she was the only contestant to do this. she deserved a spot and intelligent as she was, she would have given a magnificent answer to the interview question like lara dutta.
    I loved Mexico & columbia but i did not like Venezuela much, She was beautiful but she was trying to please everyone too much, very smiley n that seemed made up, too much swishing , turning and head cocking, she just did not seem very natural.
    N Mexico won the prelim swimsuit copmetition so how come this time she ended up third in the swimsuit segment n venezuela did not even place in the prelin swimsuit competition and this time she beat mexico in the swimsuit segment

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