11:00 p.m. of monday

We will be missing Lara for six days. Destination: Italy. Though it’s going to be a business trip, this time, I am sure that it’s going to be a great week for her. 

Again, the freezing heat of the sun never failed to irritate me. Had shower, got up with newly ironed clothes, perfumed……all are f*ckin’ spoiled the moment I stepped out of our door.

It was humid. Praise God that my car was just a meter away from the gate, otherwise, it is going to be a “sweaty” day for me once again. 

I visited Dubai Mall in the morning. Went on site…finalized a couple of instructions to my contractors. I was 30 minutes late, which is pretty unusual. I just realized that my phone’s clock was 30 minutes late. “shuckkksss”. I was exhausted, wet and dizzy roaming around the new route which the mall has initiated. 

NOt again..grrrr..

It was a roller coaster drive. I was lucky that the person whom I am supposed to meet was not as hot tempered as the weather.

Anyways…so much for that. I arrived in the office at around 1 in the afternoon. Had lunch on time. Pardon me, it was not lunch, it was a late breakfast. Pretty Gemma brought some bread with some spread that we all shared together. 

The socialite bread fanatics.

Oh boy! I can’t concentrate with what I was eating, because I know that “casper” was just behind me. 

So who’s casper? Go figure out!

We had our smoke-break of course. The friendly ghost was still there. Who can’t miss his presence. 

I was so occupied the whole afternoon when I returned on my seat. 45 answered mails! I guess that was not so mind boggling at all. 

My PC was a pain. I was stuck with thousand of pending works because it was not performing at its best.


Got out of office pretty late. I have to accompany Lara and Gemma for shopping. Destination: Ibn Batutta Mall which is just 10 minute drive away from the office.

Gemma got her new phone. Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! E SERIES CHORVA…..CHORVA…Whatever! Finally. She decided to go for it. She told me after buying it that it was her first time to reward herself a brand new phone.

Come on Gemma. You deserved it. If I was her, I could have done it long way back.

I just love this girl. Beautiful inside and out. We do have something in common. We are fond of naming people with something else’s…hihihi….

I got home late. Around 10:30 I guess. I was so tired. I was so sleepy. I was so stressed out. But life goes on. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick my sister from work. Another workaholic from our family by the way…my blondie twin Hilda Bengwic….

Ok! that’s it. There is so much to tell, my mind is working…but my finger’s doesn’t.

Got to sleep. It is going to be busy and “buzzy” day for me again tomorrow. Von voyage lara ochoa.

I love you all. See you in my dreams.. where everything is possible.

Cheers (gemma’s magic word *winks*)


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