freezing hot

When I say hot, it is really hot. I have never experienced such type of heat in my entire life. What we have over here was really exhausting. Grrrrrr….

So if you are planning to go out today, not in Dubai.

I was in Naif, Deira yesterday. I had to meet someone. Business matters in short. My sunglasses steamed up a split second after we stepped out of the air-conditioned car.



That means the humidity is more than 80 per cent. Dubai in summer is Dubai at its most furnace-like, with temperatures hovering around the low forties. Although many expats leave the Arab state to its languid torpor in the hottest months, this heat seeker of the first degree was undeterred. In fact, I already packed my winter clothing and started to enjoy the last cold moments outside my gate doors and enjoy the warm breeze wafting past as I gazed at the dramatic Dubai skyline plus the advantage of living a thousand kilometer away from Burj Dubai, would be an additional.

Even if you’re not that hot on heat, there is a point of visiting this popular winter short-break destination in the summer. Because it’s low season, airlines and hotels lop more than a third off their normal prices, so the luxury is affordable.

And we’re talking serious luxury, with the cosmopolitan staff dishing up the best food and service I’ve had back home. Apart from the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s iconic sail-shaped hotel with its acres of gold leaf, which is the most common example of a good taste I’ve ever seen, they are absolutely “AMAZING”….Hands up to the Architects of this one of a kind creation. 

You need to manage your time like a typical Filipino Lifestyle. Get up early to do things, then have a siesta or stay indoors before 4pm, when it’s pleasant to go outside again. Some days I’d fill siesta time with a smoke break. Busy with so much of work, I think this is the only way to cut the long hours of sitting inside our design studio cabin and stare at the monitor of my PC. Other days, I’d spend on my home computer especially after work hours — the malls (there are stacks of them, all open until 10pm) are all air-conditioned. It was just a case of stepping from air-conditioned car and air-conditioned mall, all at comfortable levels rather than deep-freeze temperatures that leave you with a nasty cold.

There’s plenty of construction going on as Dubai follows its goal of having the biggest, highest and most luxurious buildings and resorts. After The Palm, which is due to be completed next year, another two Palm developments will follow, along with The World, an archipelago of 300 man-made islands in the shape of a map of the world.

I guess Dubai is not a perfect place for you if you hate so much of heat. I guess that is the only worst part of it. To sum it all up, the heat in Dubai is intolerable and I really don’t know what will be the solution for this. Now that the summer is on its way, I guess we all have to start staying inside our home…I know that it sounds exaggerating but it’s true…I’d rather do that, rather than being outside and be toasted by the burning heat of the sun. How about you? How are you spending it?

But whatever it is….if it has anything to do with roaming around the city….now????? think about it twice!


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