2 DAYS to weekend

July 22, 2008 : 8:58 pm…still alive

I am lucky to have  Wi-Fi connection in where I am sitting right now.

I am inside the car down the parking lot.. waiting for my sister to finish her stuff.

She finishes at 7:00 pm.

Don’t ask why she’s not done yet. Hihihi…she is a total work freak. I admire her for that. I remember I was once like that. It is even worse.

So let’s do the talk. It is Lara’s absence which made the power of four a little bit off signal. She made a big “ciao” off to Italy. So it’s me, gemma and mina left spending our moments in the office.  

There is nothing much interesting that happened today, except that gemma got her new phone.  I was early in the office though. I was whole day sitting….again burning myself to tons of drafts to do.

E-mails. (fan mails I call them)….the quantity doesn’t even change a bit. Day by day it keeps on growing.

Casper. I saw him today. I was pretending that I didn’t see him. But I saw him looking at me. (Conceited?). It’s true. Well, well, well, we can’t avoid the fact that he misses me so much. Missing me like hell. Missing me like more than you can imagine.

I miss him too. I have to admit that, otherwise, I can call myself a liar.

There are still instances where I pass by the places that we have been. Seeing those things reminds me of the way we were.

Let us just see. But the rope still has got its end tied.

Do I still love him?

Let it remain unanswered.

We will have that figured out soon.

I drove gemma home. But before that we had a “sushi” trip again at YO SUSHi. I am starting to love Japanese food..!!! It’s finally back in track. The dinner was quite heavy specially the most raw one. Leeewwwww!!! I almost dropped my tongue.

I dropped her home after. I am feeling the call of nature right after she stepped out of my car. Too bad! Wrong timing.

I WENT OUT OUTSIDE FOR 1 MINUTE and I just realized that my car is not looking so clean. It needs an intensive car wash. I’m feeling lazy to send it to the car wash shop. Can somebody do it for me please? 🙂

I’ll be home in a few minutes. I am not quite sure if I will be able to catch you again guys. But if in any case we don’t meet each other again later?…Have a nice life.


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