July 23, 2008 

Special happenings that are worth remembering. 

1.) I finally got my new PC installed in the office. After 11 months of waiting, I now own a powerful and fast computer system. I will definitely spend more time inside the studio. Specially now….I can continue with my 3D skills from where I have stopped.

2.) I got myself a new “IPOD Classic Video”…hihihi…shhhhh!!!! I was planning to have one next month only. I just got tempted when I saw my converted movies…asking myself…where the hell will I store and see all of these?

3.) My sister was so happy to have my IPHONE…I know she loves it so much. She just don’t want to tell me…in the face. I wanted to give it long way back….I just wanted to be familiarized about it.  She deserves to keep it! I hope we will get our bonuses soon then I will for sure by her a new laptop. I saw that she was so glad to have it. Of course, just like me..she is also a movie fanatic.

4.) My boss was not in the best mood today. I don’t know why! grumpy sid! It must be because of too much pressure..Yeah right..tell us about it. Much for him.

5.) Sleeping is the best medicine to stress…so wrap up now and go to sleep.

Hail the queen,



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