It has been a very tough, busy, irritating, haggard and jaw dropping  day today. I just reached office (4:10 p.m).  (Who cares?) …yeah..nobody!

It was extremely hot. (lee, stop it! no need to explain, we all know that it is hot). True. The only place which is cold is my car, my house and my office. The rest are hell.

I have to be in the office for quite some time and finish all my pending works. I guess this is going to be the perfect time to do it. Quiet. The printer is all mine. The room is all mine. I can even farth if I want to. Nobody will know. Crime is when you admit it. Hihihi.. Believe’s just a ruse.

So Much beauty for a Scarecrow

So Much beauty for a Scarecrow

I was laughing like hell when I heard the featured news in the radio this morning. It was about one farmer who had a very strategic way of making his “scarecrow” in one of his farm. He got inspired by making one which exactly looks like “AMY WINEHOUSE”, with all the tatoo and stuff. Hihihi…That was hilarious. I can picture it out. The farmer even said that Amy Winehouse should get an additional award for becoming a big help in the farming industry.

Well, so much for that. It is the weekend. But there is no reason for me to celebrate coz I have a “titanic” load of pending drafts to finish. It might even take days to complete it. So I guess I have to spend my sleepless nights finishing all these crap.

I love my work. I really do. But to what extent? I am clueless about it.

happy weekend to all Dubai-filipino expatzzzzz….

With all my love,



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