freaky friday


O damn. Why do I have to check that f*ckin thing out. It just ruined my day.

I don’t want to elaborate further.

My mom craved for Burger King. Hihi! So I have to drive her with my sister. Well, well, well, I have to get my fave Baskin Robin shake of course. So when I had it….I got beserk.

I dropped by one store which sells party costumes. I was amazed to see the “afro” wig that I was looking for in my entire life. Now I know where to run when I need it. They sell weired halloween costumes also. Glow in the dark, finger cuts, fake 5 inch nails. Everything under the sun.

After spending time eating….we all went home “full”

I had a chat with Ces today. Unfortunately, randel was not there. I miss them both.It  is regarding their plans of working here which is going to happen soon. First month of 2009 for sure. I can’t wait for it. I am so exzzzzcited. Grrr….The power of three is back. Architects of the new millenium.

It’s so unsual for me to get extra time despite my busy schedule. I just love it. I got the chance to chat with my closest friends. I love them all. Ces had a chance to ask me about my love life. I told her “next question please”. I just suddenly remembered Euman Neri….O

I don’t know why. Psycho as*.

OOOhhh that boy!!! My God. I will post a blog about the full story of it soon! Well, it’s nice to bring up things which has happened in the past. Be it good or bad. Wait and see more.

I forgot my phone in the car. It almost got toasted by the heat of the sun. Oh! Almost. Gemma sent me a message. She slept at 6:30 am. Damn. Why? Ask the One Tree Hill cast. She is now the new OTH fanatic. Same as me. At least there will be somebody that I can discuss about the next coming episodes.

Good luck Gemma. HIHIHI. I will make sure that you’ll have a  hard time getting the copies of the second season. (Just kiddin’). How can I say “no” to such Lovely gal!!!!

I will catch you all again soon. It’s pretty late. I am not sleeping yet. I am converting movies and I am telling you…’s becoming a “job” now.

But lovin’ it.

Ei…puny ant! Stop the crap of writing pathetic craps ok. It’s not even healthy reading eat. But what a heck? WHy am I still opening it.

Conclusion: It is still my fault.

My bad.





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