sixta! (da who?)—–she told me to use this name!

Yawnss……..yawns again…..and writes.

Ok. So..let me drink my coffee first.

I have a blind item and you better guess it right. Hihihi… 🙂

Somebody just dared to conquer the Landmark Group office “maze”. Well, she’s not the first one to fight her fear.

I was the record holder, but now…hmmmmmm… I guess we have a new challenger.

So we were both in the office. Both stayed in the office pretty late….both had our cigarette break.

She was so busy…..she managed to complete all her pending works while I was doing mine. she packs up, she wined up a little bit ahead of me, she bids farewell….She enters the elevatorshe walked the same way that we went through in the morning…she figured out….she’s lost.

bangggg!!!! panic attack. Let us find the markers.

She called for help. The queen goes for a rescue.

She was exhausted. She’s still smiling. HIHIHI…that’s what you call grace under pressure.

And who is she?

Go figure.

Clue: She’s cute. We all love her. She’s firing hot and she’ll never come again to work on a saturday! 🙂

Another clue: She has a diary too! ….

all smiles!




1 Comment

  1. August 18, 2008 at 11:29 am

    wwwaaaaaah! you brought all the shameful memories back in my head. Ala Celine Dion … it’s all coming back to me… i could see myself in a flowing chiffon dress (w/c is btw- the fabric of the season :)!)… running through the landmark labyrinth… it was a f@c%$#’ nightmare… and then you came to rescue me! thanks B! mwah!

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