tragic accident

Again, it was already late when I left the office. It was dark in the lobby. I was walking….with my Ipod…(the anti social kit) when suddenly…..(bwahhhhh)…Vishy….

He was hiding behind the big plant while waiting for me to pass by.

Cruel intention but funny indeed. Hihihi.

I was exhausted again when I realized that I have to use Gate no 3 to exit my way out. Grrrrr…The corridor was already dark…and you know….times like this….freaky…You need juicy fruit gum. hihi

I ran…. pretending that it was not creepy.

My car was hot. It was humid.

On my way out after a few kilometers away…Damn…a pile of big cars were lined up and banged each other.  Bannnnnngggg! So the vicinity was full of everything….gossipers…police….and the people who are involved in the accident.

My God. I was trying to click a picture..But the police saw me and asked me to continue driving. So I ceased from taking it. Luckily I had one. But I am not so sure if that was clear since it was dark already. The flash wasn’t working properly I guess.

I freaked out for a while. I hate scenes like this. One minute you were driving and the next minute you are cold dead.

Scary..accidents do happen. As what my favorite shirt has quoted..Life is short. PRAY HARD. You cannot leave your life out of fear. So have  a blast and enjoy it.

I’m taking off. SO long folks!

I am really tired. Really really tired and hungry. But I had dinner already @ 11:00 pm. (gosszzzh) so next on my list is to sleep…..

I’ll see you in my dreams.

with all my love




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