a blissful yet humid day

Lara is back. Back for a vengeance. The “IT” group is once again completed.

Spill it out lara. (I cannot publish the entire story since it is confidential, flirty confidential.)

She brought me some white chocolates. Hmmmm…my favorite. Bless you Italy for having such delightful sweets.

All of us are in “laugh” mode today. Excited about all the nasty, flirty and funny things that happened during those days that we were apart from each other. I have to say…we all had our say. Except for Mina…which has been good the entire week. HIHIHI..

gemma had the full second season of OTH. Gossssh…I bet she won’t sleep again tonight and finish the entire freaking season.

So what’s up today? I heard somebody just ate dirt today in the smoking area. Fell right into her face. Poor her. Who is she? “DO I SMELL FOOT IN HERE”. Karma occurs when you least expect it. (*winks*) I am so mean. I know…Its in the genes.

Got to stay late again to finish these bulk drafts. Catch you all later.

Nothing much to write. But at least I was able to compose even a little crap.

You all have fun..

with love and kisses here,



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