ok fine. so i lied.

Hello world.

So yesterday was full of lies. First, I greet an old friend a happy birthday in contrary to what i wrote yesterday. Ok so I lied. I just can’t help it. I was thinking about it the whole night of Monday evening and I just thought…what a heck…it won’t kill me if I greet him. I am just trying to be civilized.

Question: Is it the truth?

Answer: I doubt. I really don’t know. Half of my mind says no…Half of it says the opposite. I am so confused. But that is actually so easy…I mean..sounds so easy..but nevertheless it was still mind boggling. It is like surfing google and google has given you 10,000 search results. My fault was when he gave me a reply, I responded with an essay.

What do you think?

Did I just overreact and overwrote. It’s not so obvious that I was a bit excited to send him an email right?

convince yourself lee!


false move.


Is it me or my pride?

I am going out of office. Let me figure it out while driving.

HIGHLIGHTS OF YESTERDAY: OMG…lara just bought a new Mac Book for herself and a Mac Desktop for her hubby. Isn’t it sweet? That’s actually an aniv gift for F3. Good investment as well. Lar’s if you’re reading this…as what I keep on repeating, you deserve it. ok? You’ve been slogging your butt out working so hard. So I guess this is the right time to reward yourself. I ammmm ssoooooo envy and hope to buy one for myself soon. But not now coz I am officially broke. grrrrr…

catch u lateeerrr aligateeeer




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