…beach adventure..or shall I say “bitch adventure”


I don’t really know if I am a good writer but all I know is that I am loving every word that comes from my mind. I was inspire by Lucas Scott. I wish I can be as good as him.

Today is July 31, 2008. Me, F3, Lara and Gemma are going to the beach. Yippeeee. Wait! I forgot somebody. Valerie, my darling, my sweetheart, my baby will be joining us too. Mina can’t join us today. It’s her business partner’s birthday. It could have been much better if Mina and Allen was there.

Destination: Undecided. (supposed to be somewhere in ajman)

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I thought I can’t. I have to prepare Valerie’s stuff also known as “The Pink Kit”. I have to remind lara and gemma as well. I am pretty sure that 6:00 am was too early for them. And I was right.

But it was cool. At least it was not so hot yet. Everybody is in a beach attire with their fabulous and festive moods. As for me…I was cute! Hihihi…. Valerie, Oh My God she is in her favorite blue shirt and her favorite collar and tag with her name engraved on it.

Everybody is excited. It was a half an hour drive from Dubai. When we reached Ajman, we were confused where to go. The place was lovely though. I love the palms built around the seaside (of course, as usual they are all fake)

Another 30 minutes is gone. Still we are not able to find a place. So we roam around once again. We weren’t finding a specific place though….until we found Kempinski hotel. We decided to find another place because we felt that the price wasn’t so practical and I have a feeling that we can still find something more better and economical.

My feeling was right. Next to Kempinski is Ajman Beach Hotel. It was 30 bucks per person. Not bad. Sharing the same beach with Kempinski is fair enough I guess. From 140 bucks to 30 bucks. Remember..I have to save money. I am broke!

The place was good as we were expecting. I mean for 30 bucks? It is a very good place. The sun started to hit our skins. Valerie started to show her long tongue already, it means she’s starting to feel exhausted. Few minutes after, we started taking pictures…Of course with the camera queen Gemma. (photos to upload soon.)

F3 is loving the sun. In contrary to that…I wasn’t. I guess the heat wasn’t so normal. It was literally hot. I can even feel it till the bottom of my butt.

I swam…swam like a mermaid. Of course. don’t forget the fact that also dreamt of becoming one. I love the water. At least it was cold. The waves are ferocious. It was celebrating with us. After a couple of swimming back and forth, I decided to sleep in the adjustable bed. With few minutes of sun tanning and sleeping, I suddenly realized that I am in the same color as the wood next to me….”Dark Brown”.

Moving on. We all got starved. So we decided to have our lunch. There is this one restaurant next to the beach that offers buffet lunch. We sat and started seeing the place. I am so lovvvvvinggggg it. Valerie is welcomed everywhere. Of course, she is the darling of the crowd. I guess everyone thought that she was a mouse.

The lunch was excellent. We had a couple of drinks and decided to pack up. The girls, specially lara is feeling so sleepy already. I guess she slept at around 4 am. Why? As her new MAC book.

Gemma on the other hand was still “wet” beautiful. She looks stunning but……I have to say. She looks thinner. She hates me when I say that. Forgive me gem. You know that I love you…but i just have to say it.

So what happened to Valerie? She is just loving every single minute of the adventure. The full time, she was just stretching her legs in the sand…tongue down. I am afraid that she might have heat stroke. But I guess not. She is just enjoying it. Lara told me that it is their form of sweating.  Everyone who passes by can’t miss to see how lovely she is. With a little bit of sand in her nose. So cute. I love that finally I was able to spend time with her. She needs that and she loves it also.



So we packed up and drove ourselves back home. Of course I have to send the company back to their places. We had a great day. It was fun. I can’t wait to do it again. Specially now that we just knew a good place to stay. Maybe by next time we can occupy a room.

Valerie got tired. She slept on my lap while I was driving back. Actually all of us. HIHIHI..What can I do? I have to focus myself unto driving.

What a very good day to spend our holiday and extended weekend.

It was great. It was indeed the right definition of “fun”. With such wonderful friends joining you. I am sure you will love every moment of it.

God is great

I have to post this before the clock strikes 12:00 am.

I love you all. I have to sleep. Such a tiring yet unforgettable day.




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