wi-fi sucks

The connection sucks. It is useless paying 175 bucks a month if you can’t hardly even use it specially if you are in the middle of writing your thoughts.

Karma moves in mysterious ways. ūüôā It must be Gemma and Lara who has cursed me badly. But revenge can be sweeter and we just have to wait for it to come and blow the candle….

Beatch versus the Beatches! Drink more Milo girls coz this is going to be a war of both worlds.

Kiddin’ here…Just pullin’ your legs. You know you love me.

I have to sleep…as much as I wanted to write something, I cannot. The connection is creating a spider web inside my notebook. It’s VAIO…well, it could have¬†been better if it’s MAC Book Air, what do you think?

Ei gemma, Meron pa palang taga UP¬† na nakalimutan mo i mention kanina….It’s Carlene Aguilar and Agot Isidro. Happy Centennial celebration to all the Pambansang Scholars.

Ramadan Kareem to all our muslim brothers and sisters also.




conquering ajman

Unlike the rest of us, sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east – to Ajman! Some of us would say summer is the busiest season.¬†Denmark, Egypt….The Philippines. The players change, but the game remains the same.

I am driving back from office to pick up gemma as we are going to celebrate larrrrry”’sss birthday today.

Wait for us Kempinski, I am sure this is going to be a f*ckin day of fun.

So long,

Catch you later.

It’s now down to 3 —- now who will prevail?

I¬†don’t remember promising somebody that I will not be writing anything about this. But if I did…

Promises are made to be broken.

Have you ever played a dating game? The feeling must have been so difficult since one of the hardest thing that we can ever encounter in life is “decision making”. Choosing can be a mild process but when it comes to finalizing¬†it, would be a pain in the a**.

This is just my opinion. But if in¬†any case that I can affect someones decision then it’s no longer my look out. (*winks*)

I have to take this deep sigh as I have to be extra careful about all the things that I just can think of.

—– The question is…Are we really down to three?

FIRST GUY IN THE ROW: I wasn’t even born yesterday, but I can say that I can really smell him from where I stand. But let us give him a chance. Everybody deserves to introduce their self and maybe we can conclude later.

Sometimes, you can be a little bit deceiving about your feelings. If your heart belongs to someone, keeping your eye into somebody else would be like staring at a blank wall. But can you really teach your heart to fall in love with someone else? That can be possible.

The best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. This is bullsh*t. What if she is not considering¬†“eating” as a major hobby?

Most guys are taught that complimenting a woman is one way to win her over. But if you’ve ever complimented a woman, what kind of reaction do you really want to get from her?

If you really tuned into it, I bet you got a somewhat ‘disgusted’ response from her.

Sometimes it’s obviously apparent. Other times, it’s subtle.

So if complimenting women is such a turn-off, should you stop doing it altogether to help you win a woman’s heart?

Not necessarily.

But before you compliment a woman again, I would recommend that you first understand the reason complimenting a woman can be repulsive to her.

Then, when you fully realize why compliments can repel women, you’ll also know when they won’t. So here’s the reason why and the secret of complimenting women the ‘right way’… Carolina Herrera is not an answer.

Second point.

Complimenting a woman is usually used by guys as a type of flattery.

It’s as if they feel they have to PROVE how much they like a woman in order for her to become receptive — when, in Human Nature, it’s actually quite the opposite.

And even though trying to flatter a woman with compliments may be unconscious, what they’re really trying to do is bribe her into liking them.

“I was nice to you — now I expect you to go out with me,” is the subtext being communicated.

And women who have had enough experience with guys trying to pick them up can spot this quickly. In fact, most women — meaning the ones you want — will see the agenda immediately…

… even if you don’t — but you do now, right?

Of course, the same goes for buying flowers for a woman before you’ve been going out at least 3 months or buying a drink for a woman in a bar.

But is there a way of complimenting with sincerity?



Let’s move to the second guy.

Ok. Friends. We’ll, we always have to start somewhere.¬†We cannot be¬†more transparent in this stage.¬†

There is no spark but sparks happen when you started lighting it. And who could be the light?

The question now is that..do you love me? or do you want to be my friend?

Tough question! Deal or no deal. Consequences are expected later.

What if he likes me and I don’t?

And when time comes that he will tell me….he can’t accept it. What shall I do?

Just see it like this …..Crying is a powerful way to manipulate people. Children use it all the time. Your friend may not have deliberately tried to manipulate you but you have allowed yourself to get involved in this drama. You’re not doing him a favor by lying to him. A boy considers it a great injustice if a girl he has a crush on doesn’t like him back. He needs to grow up and understand that loving someone does not guarantee love in return.

Gently but firmly tell him that you have a right to love someone of your choosing; that you are not obligated to love him just because he loves you. Let him know that he’s a lovable guy, just not by you.

Someday you may be in the same position. Don’t be tempted to manipulate a guy with a display of tears. Some guys are willing to sacrifice their own happiness just to save a girl some pain. You could cause some real harm.

That would be the best answer…..but what if, she falsifies it and it is actually the opposite?¬†Complicated!

————–spill us the truth!

The third guy comes in three words.

The man, the truth and the answer.

Usually people that seek out commited¬†men is¬†like the game of “winning over” that person and also these people are afraid of real commitment.¬†

It is not actually applicable for everyone. What if you really love him and that is the truth?

We are just scared of the fact that¬†it is¬†easy to go out with a¬†commited man because deep inside you know you’ll have fun, keep the magic in your relationship (but only for so long until he grows tired of you … and he will) then to be mature and have a relationship with someone who is single and actually work for the relationship that you want.

You love this man simply because you can’t have him is a crap. It’s not human nature.

I honestly think that most guys can also have the rarest intentions of keeping his promises to someone else. Having a relationship with a commited man maybe a disaster in most cases and a very low percentage ever work out but what if you belong to the low percentage???????

That is a fact. How the hell will you know if you won’t even try.

There is always that question, “If he cheated on his other behalf”, will he cheat on me also?” The answer is…..STOP THINKING!

If the time comes that you really have to give him up, always remember that the hurt goes away. You’ll meet someone new (hopefully single) and be glad you didn’t settle for second best.

As long as you continue to love him and never expect him to love you back, he will see you and that magic that you felt in the beginning will be worth waiting. He knows that you won’t end it, so he continues to see you on his terms.

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories.

Time is the best cure.

You just have to wait it out until emotions go down and your reason turns on again [no offence].

But then, I am still a man (technically). So i might see things differently.

Life is a queue. You come in, hang around for a bit, get some service, then depart.

Not much word to explain for a question which has all it’s answers laid.

No need to explain. Coz’ it’s the truth that I am after of.


Why don’t we ask her?

——————tell us your thoughts!

arche and ochoa love story

think of lara…..laugh don’t cry. I know she want it that way.

And she was in red

This seems to be a night to remember.


This goes out to the 2 of my closest friend in Dubai. Lara and F3. The happy couple behind the happy faces.

So I was an accessory to the crime on F3’s hidden agenda. Lara doesn’t have any idea that F3 is taking her out for a dinner..in a Dow cruise….well…Lara of course…assuming that we will be having dinner together was clueless.

Gemma it was Dow cruise …not ABRA…Abra is for footsy and —eeeennk!!!

Not until I panicked and blew the surprise..I mean almost blew it. But the good thing about it is..she liked it. (Of course…..the grumpy face would always be there. Lara won’t be Lara without¬†grumbling)¬†You know we love her…..I know how much she wanted this¬†moments to happen¬†and now..I am happy to know that she is finally getting answers to her questions. Answers to her long list of question that has remained in the “fill in the blank” status for quite some time.

How sweet of F3….DESPITE THE MILD FLAWS….but it’s the effort that counts.

“kinikilig ako leche” ..Envious beatcccchhh here. I guess I shall wait for my turn.

A toast to the happy couple. I don’t expect you to reach your 4th year anniversary. coz i expect wedding bells next year then. Can’t wait for that….can’t wait to catch the flower..hihihi..

I love you both guys…always remember that I am one of your fan and it’s my great pleasure to have known you both.

With all my love and support,

b here

i “WAS” in love…and love meant cyrus ceasar

Cyrus Ceasar. Uhhhhhh…!!! He is the man.

He is my longest term partner. Well, 2 years is already long for me.

So this is how our story started.

It was April¬†5 of 2002, I was in my junior college days. I have attended my friend’s natal party in the mountainous outskirts of Nivel. It was Riva’s birthday. Quite a bunch of people have attended and I was one of them.¬†I was¬†sitting on some¬†bench made of a carved tree positioned 180 degrees from the venue. In short, I became an audience to the fascinating outfits, all passing in front of me like colorful butterflies.

Haloooo…I cannot be sitting idle for the¬†next three hours of my stay. I have to do something. So I decided to grab some vodka and gulped it big time.

1 hour is gone and I almost finished 3 glasses. Borrrrinnnnggg. Something has to happen magical today. When I returned my fourth glass into the table, right next to it is a man sitting alone just like me. I still remember the color of the shirt he was wearing. he was in yellow diesel. Unnoticeable, I spied. Then I just figured out that he was forming his name out of match sticks. How boring could that be? He must have been so exhausted like me. We are supposed to enjoy the party and not bore our selves to death. A couple of minutes after then I continued to keep an eye on him. He was still doing the same thing. Is he with somebody? How the hell will I find out if I just sit my big butt out on this bench.

I got curious, so I made the first approach. I have to get my fifth glass in order to make that move. With a big deep sigh….I asked him.

“Bored?”…..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I know. It was a lousy question. I could have ask him…something else. Like..”Are you enjoying the party?”….crap..that is worst.

Anyway, I already asked him the question. Good thing he replied back and said. “Yeah, I am so bored. I want to get out from her.”

Then the conversation continued. I came to know that he happens to be a High school friend of Riva. He is also a junior Physical Therapy student of Cebu Doctors and a Basketball Varsity player. He was cute. I mean so cute. If I can only post his picture here, but I guess that won’t give him any justice. He is around 5’11” in height, strong built and fair complexion.

That was a nice conversation with him. At least, I didn’t wasted half of the party just biting my nails. We didn’t even realize that it was already passed 1 o’clock. And mannnn….when he smiles, you bet it’s like dinner for me. I was full. After a couple of minutes everybody decided to leave the venue. I myself on the list. I have to acquire at least 3 hours of sleep in order to withstand my plate submission the same day. It was so corteous of riva to have sent us home one by one. That includes me and Cyrus. He stays nearby only. I guess a 20 minute walk from Riva’s place. Hilly and mountainous.

Yawnnnnssss….What a day. Not even bad at all.


I thought so. But I was wrong. Thank God I got at least 3 and half hours of sleep. I am still in the bed mood. Stretching as my alarm keeps on snoozing from its original time. I need to move my butt out. I grabbed my phone as it continuously alarms and I didn’t even realize that I had 4 missed calls from an unknown number¬†with 1 unread message. It must be riva.

I took a bath and after being descent, I read the message in my Inbox. It was from the same number +63918**** blah blah blah….the same number who gave me a call while I was sleeping dead.

So the message was. “It was nice talking to you today. Giwagtang nimo akong laay ganina. (You just had me occupied a while ago). I hope we can meet again soon. Kita nya ta somewhere.(Let us meet somewhere again soon!). Remembering every words of that message was a no brainer for me as it was one of the sweetest words that I have received in my life so far. I mean from somebody whom you least expected.

I saved his number¬†in this way¬†@—->—-cyrus not quite acquainted right?

—–DING DONG. That is the only thing that I can say.¬†I¬†just¬†got excited of what just welcomed my morning. Happy bitch-day to me.

I never expected “soon” was going to be “soon” as in today soon????? He sent me a message once again inviting me to watch their game later. Huhhhhhhh??? WTF….what am I supposed to wear? Relax lee…it’s just a baskteball game. You don’t have to wear a gown. Just be yourself. At least my alter-ego was a little bit smart to tell it to my face. I thought that¬†he was¬†not serious about it. My class is till 2:00 pm and the game is at 3:30. How the hell will I reach the game on time?¬†So I just told myself. I’ll pass. Anyway…it must have been a SEND TO MANY message and I am just one the recipient.

A few minutes before my last class ends, I received another message. “BENG…I WOULD BE VERY DISAPPOINTED IF YOU WON’T MAKE IT. I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE. I’LL MEET YOU AFTER THE GAME.”….Panic attack. I need Help. The message was for me. I have my name on it. Nyaaaaarr! So it means I really have to go. No choice. (as if…i really didn’t want to.). Forget about all the¬†bullsh*t lee. Go, break a leg. I arrived at the venue. The game has already started. It was against University of San Carlos. I remember, I even met a long lost friend outside the venue while I was buying some stray peanuts. I sat…and watched the game. Honestly, I am not a basketball fanatic, but I think I “kinna” enjoyed watching the game. Doesn’t sound so surprised?

I sat on the bottom end¬†seating. I don’t want him to see me that quick. He might think that I¬†have crossed life and death just to reach this¬†seat.¬†Sometimes, you need to get hold of your pride of course.

I¬†didn’t even realize that I was¬†already enjoying the game (of course, he is¬†still the star of the game). Though he is not so popular compared to the other CDC players, still, he is adorable.

He got a 3 point shot….Everybody was shouting.¬†he pointed¬†two fingers towards me……———-OH MY RAT!!!!!!¬†He made that shot for me?¬†—–OH MY RAT AGAIN. It means, he saw me? OH MY RAT —–I am overwhelmed…It was like a “Never Been Kissed” scene for me. Something which is only seen in movies.

The game finished and CDC won. I don’t remember the exact final score, but it was a far lead. What am I supposed to do after? Think, think! He is approaching me….wahahhaaha… “beng..huwata lang ko sa gawas ha. mga 10 minutes.mag shower lang ko, then laag ta after.” (beng, just wait for me outside ok? I’ll just take a shower, give me 10 minutes and we’ll stroll after.)

Is this really happening? Does illusion really make you believe that they are real.

Whatever. Food is served lee, Grab it. These are some of the small things that I wanted to teach my close friend Lara. Nothing to elaborate.

So your highness waited of course. 10 minutes was really 12 minutes when he called me that he is about to come out. He came out with his car. Of course, the bee should sit. What else can I do aside from that? I was born to obey orders.

I hate this kind of situation. In the passenger seat….Running out of words…. Staring at the window, while trying to start a conversation. Luckily, he made it way easy for me as he opened all the topics and I was able to interact at least. Gossshhh…I was shivering. I don’t know what to say. We decided to have dinner at Jo’s.

Romantic dinner bitch….it’s a¬†romantic dinner—-in my mind…I started singing…”YOU MADE ME FEEL…YOU MADE ME FEEL…LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN…..” —-So Romina…if your reading this, now you know the story behind this song.

Of course, being man enough, he paid for the dinner. I offered, but I did not made the offer again since I have got 20 bucks left in my purse. (Take note: It’s a purse.)

God….What have I done in order for you to bless me so much like this? Is this for real? or this is just¬†one of the moments that I will wake up later? tell me. I want answers.

Unfortunately, God didn’t answer. So I just enjoyed the moment. Next to Jo’s was a big billiard game hall. That was our next pit stop. We had couple of drinks….and played couple of games. Well, he never asked! He didn’t thought that I was good with balls. No question about it. Sticks and balls are my games remember?

It was late. He tried to beat me, but never succeeded. Poor guy. Try harder next time.

I thought it was the end…..of a beautiful story…… then you are punk’d. It wasn’t. He took me to his apartment in Mandaue. It’s a duplex type. It was his mom’s haven, but since she moved to United States, the place has become vacant. It was a quiet and descent place. It was like a ghost town. Wake up lee…it is midnight. What do you expect? My alter-ego shook my head once again. We went inside. The place was so cool. His mom has this big sculpture made of hardened clay. It was fabulous. Superb. Seeing the state inside, I guess this guy is a regular visitor here. He went up and told me if I can wait upstairs while he shows me his mom’s collections of angels. I got excited. Yeah…right..there was a full collection of angels…different types..of different sizes. He even told me that one of them is owned by princess Di. His mom bought it, in one the¬†auctions in London. Cool. Angelic!

That wasn’t actually the one which caught my attention. Instead, it was his mom’s britney spears stuff collection. Britney posters…complete britney audios and videos…britney poster….and a britney mug???? hahahha! he didn’t tell me that. Maybe he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Well, for me it was cool. With the way it was set up…it was marvelous! A Gigantic Britney fan.

He disappeared. I just realized that the shower was on and he was taking a bath. The door was half open. Is it a coincidence or a complete black agenda????

So I sat..I have to pretend that I am reading some reader’s digest book…I have to look smart. But the truth is I am about to fade. I don’t have a clue of what will happen next?

So he finished shower. He went out from the toilet¬†wearing a white towel.¬†Half naked. Nice bod…. Door bell…..!!! Ding Dong.. I sat sideways…hihihi.. (naughty ass)

He was talking about something. But the heck….who will concentrate? I just kept on nodding. He was telling me something but I never understood any of it. I was more disturbed about his half-wet nice built. Grrrr……Mom help.

That wasn’t it. He grabbed something on the closet. It was his¬†boxers? Grrrrrrrr…He put his underwear in front of me.. Dad…help….!!!!! Relax….he wore it turning his back away from me. So…not even a glimpse. He put the towel off and roam around the house wearing boxers only. I am shaking. You know what I mean? Surely, you do. So he opened the tv and kept on talking while he laid down into the clean white sheets of his bed. Technically, his mom’s bed. So poor me…I was still sitting in the couch next to it. I have to be firm. Otherwise, my mom won’t be proud of me. He asked me to stay the rest of night and told me that he will just send me home later. “I made an alibi”. I have classes tomorrow. HE REPLIED. Liar….Tomorrow is Sunday.

Well, I guess I am not quite good at it. So I don’t have a choice. I have to sleep over. What else can I do? I am helpless. (*winks*).

We talked about so many things…….until it became green. So what happened next?


So? Did we do it? ahhhhhh????? …it’s like this. I am still a virgin..but we did something more of like a game that he can never forget. Go figure what is it.

I was dropped home with a happy face. Having both ends of my smile extended to my ears. That happy.

After that, I guess we were officially on. I guess I have to believe it. I know it’s difficult to believe and until now I can’t even figure out what was it really all about. It was just a spark. An unxpected spark that I thought would end that night. It’s a make believe scene that I wanted to rewind all the time. It was indeed magical. In life, situations like these rarely occur. I ran out of words to describe it.

The relationship became so deep. I was loving every moment of it. Every inch of it was unbelievable. I was full of doubt. Full of questions…full of hesitations.

I just swayed myself with the flow. No matter how everything is going to end up the next day I wake up.

With all those days, I wasn’t able to enjoy the reality that was in front of me. He was so sweet and thoughtful. I cannot imagine that he would even bother to introduce me to his parents and sister as his partner. It was an embarassing moment for me. Well as for him, it seems like just one of the casual days of his life. His parents was so open about it and didn’t even bother to condemn us. It was a teary day for me. Specially about his dad who was so cool about everything. They were so accomodating and that overwhelmed me so much. Is this really happening? No matter how many times I have to utter this words…still I ended up asking myself why?

Still, doubts haunted me like anything. I don’t want it to destroy me. So I stopped. I just enjoy every minute of it and felt like it was really normal.

His mom even invited me home and taught me how to bake cookies. His sister was so “kikay” that he even treated me like his older sister. That was so much. Believe me, his father even gave me a “day” gift…and what is it? A face powder! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..These unusual things kept on torturing me. But I sustained and just lived with it.

I became so close to his family. We even go to masses in some Sundays of the month. His mom always tells me how I inspired Cyrus in the little things that I am not aware of.

I have to admit. It may really seem sound so unreal. But we are talking facts here. Maybe less….but nothing more.

There are times when I cry my self out alone because of their inevitable goodness. That makes me miss my family so much. So much.

We were like the “Untouchables”. We were perfect. I was happy and the great impact that his love has given me¬†made me believe that even the “gayest” person on earth can be happy when you least expect it.

I was gay, literally. Happy about what life is showing me.

Of course, A fairy tale book can have its pages torn sometimes. We also had our own ups and downs. But the good thing about us is that we talk about it. We spend time to sort it out. I thought I was bad at relationships. But I just figured out that I was even good at my first.

I loved him dearly. I really did.¬†Term used is “did” not because it was ¬†past…..it’s because it¬†will still go on.¬†He was like forever¬†to me.

He was there. The moment I finished college and all the special moments of my life. I shared it with a special person who thought me of love ain’t fading.

——————————- a story has its end. I will post it soon! this continues.


Hari Puttar VS. Harry Potter

Warner Bros. has filed a lawsuit against Mumbai-based producer/distributor Mirchi Movies related to the title of its upcoming film “Hari Puttar — A Comedy of Terrors,” which Warners feels is a tad too similar to its franchise about a certain young wizard.

The case is being heard in the Bombay High Court and comes up for hearing Monday (August 25). “Hari Puttar,” a comedy that centers on a 10-year-old Indian boy whose family moves to England, is slated for a September 12 release.

“We have recently commenced proceedings against parties involved in the production and distribution of a movie entitled ‘Hari Puttar,”‘ London-based Warners spokeswoman Deborah Lincoln said. “Warner Bros. values and protects intellectual property rights. However, it is our policy not to discuss publicly the details of any ongoing litigation.”

The Hari Puttar name began making the rounds here as a comic gag when the first “Harry Potter” film was released. Hari is a popular Indian name, and “puttar” means “son” in the Punjabi language.

“Since the case is sub-judice, we can’t comment as of now,” Mirchi Movies CEO Munish Purii said. “However, we registered the ‘Hari Puttar’ title in 2005, and it’s unfortunate that Warner has chosen to file a case so close to our film’s release. In my opinion, I don’t think our title has any similarity or links with ‘Harry Potter.”‘

“Hari Puttar” is directed by Rajesh Bajaj and Lucky Kohli and stars Jackie Shroff, Saurabh Shukla and Sarika.

Warners’ next “Harry Potter” installment, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” is slated for release worldwide in July.

euman neri

Who is Euman Neri? This has been opened once again when I had a chat with Celeste, an old friend, last week. I was keeping it in my blog draft for quite some time and I guess now is the right time to discuss the man behind the name Euman Neri. If ces, happens to read this, I am sure that she will be delighted with every words that I am going to use. What more if Euman himself will read this topic. He will definitely haunt me wherever he is right now.

Euman Neri is an old time crush of the great b. I was in college back then. We both took up Architecture. And if I am not mistaken, we were in our fourth year college years. The first time I saw him was when I found out that we both belong on a night class. I remember, our professor was Mrs. Banaag. The subject was Urban Planning, some pre-requisite to one of our Professional Practice subject.

He entered the room. I was in the front seat. I suddenly smell the perfume that he used. Hmmm…Polo Sport. Of course, wearing a polo sport cologne back then was indeed big time. But I will not use the term “linger” because that is too obscene. It just stayed in my nostrils for quite some time. Lovely smell, with a lovely face.

He was so cute. I got fascinated because he eventually looks like my favorite hunk that time…Luis Alandy. But unfortunately, he was just around 5′-4″ in height I guess. Don’t be surprised, I usually get berserk for guys who are 5′-5″ and below. So that doesn’t even ring a bell.

So we were introduced. I don’t exactly remember who did, but I guess it was Ingrid Sabanal. My cigarette partner that time. We use to hang out in the locker room and smoke and there was one instance that I arrived at school pretty early and he was there waiting and sitting at the locker room. Ingrid doesn’t have any idea yet. That would be better, otherwise, she could have thrown the ball of mock right away.

Relax folks. We did not end up together ok. It was just a minute admiration that I am proud to keep as I become inch older.

So let us go further. I started to gather information about him and the worst part of it is that I started stalking him. I even ended up finding where he lives. Of course, with the help of my internal source, I was able to¬†find it out. ¬†I just remembered that it was somewhere around Talisay. I called up ces, and cried. Why? Because I just realized that it’s not becoming healthy for me anymore. Specially the stalking part of it. I don’t even have a car that time.

So then, I stopped. The moment I stopped, I just came to know that Euman was so angry. With whom?? Gosshhh.. It was me. ¬†He even tagged me as a “spasm”. What a heck? I have not even reached the bottom of the ninth and one click of a finger, I was called a spasm. So what exactly happened? I did a research. I just realized that somebody was using my name and started sending him SMS. Green jokes and very vulgar ones.

It couldn’t be me! Duhhhhh!!! I was Holy back then. So it’s impossible for me to break such lousy and pathetic words.

It could have been ok. Not until it became worst and he had made stories behind my back.

Now its a duel. As I keep on saying, I am a good person, but when I am bad…I am certainly better.

I confronted him. At first I didn’t believe any of it. Not until it came into his bubbling mouth and admitted it.

—–So what happened next. Well, I just told him to get lost… and F*ck off and slapped brown but not so rossy cheeks.¬†That was so courageous of me. He himself cannot believe that it was me doing it. But, the hell I care. He started, so I have to finish it.

It was an unfortunate event that I cannot forget. After that, I concentrated finishing my course. As for him, I don’t know. I heard that he got married. But with whom??? God Knows. I hope wherever he is, he is happy and fulfilled. I heard that he finished architecture a year after I finished mine.

So that is it. Poor guy. He wasn’t able to even have a glimpse of what’s in store for him. If he could have given me a chance to introduce myself. Clean sheet.

But it didn’t happen. Sad to say, it ended up with a complete foul.

I have to leave office now. I am late. My mom has cooked special today and I can’t afford to miss it.

I love you all and till my next revelation.

keep dreamin’…like me.

so long..


You know you love me! XoXo



I wasn’t able to write anything yesterday. I apologize to all my dailiy readers. It’s because I rewarded myself with a movie treat while eating pop corns specially made by my mom. POP. I watched the following.

-The Beach by Leo di Caprio, Broke Back Mountain….(duhhh….)….and the last three episodes of Gossip Girl.

——————-SATURDAY: Woke up at 5:00 am.

Ok. So it is a Saturday. And why the hell I am in the office? What can I do? I am trying to be a good employee here. I just want them to see that even in the non-working days…I am still workin’ and sloggin’ my butt out.

In short, I don’t have a choice.

Forget about it. At least I have all the time to compose a blog today while waiting for these “primadona” laborers whom I set to meet at 7:30 am and it ended up that it was just me waiting for nothing.

Let’s talk about my latest craze and everyone’s latest¬†fav in fact. My substitute while waiting for the release of One Tree Hill Season 6. Thanks to Romina for introducing such new hobby. It took me time to finally start it and thank God I just recently finished the complete first season.


I just love the casting. I love the outfits. I love the story. I love the setting. I love everything about it. The upper east side…..Manhattan’s elite and their scandalous life.

So who’s my favorite character? It’s definitely¬†Ed Westwick. Portraying the character as Chuck Bass suited his “seducing and panty liner melting” looks. Drawing few lines in the series doesn’t even make him unnoticed.

So how about the rest of the characters. Let us start with Serena van der woodsen (Blake Lively). Though she looks manly sometimes, her sweet face never fails to impress me and uuuuuugggghhh…the¬†wardrobe?¬†glamorous. I just don’t like her character specially in the later part of it. She became boring and out-casted by Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

So Blair. A one of a kind bitch who is always there as a friend. Though she has a strong character, there is always inside her heart that makes everyone love her so much. But a bitch will always be a bitch. In the real world, hundreds of them exists. I guess I am one of them.

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). Cute but not so “IN” for me. A knight in shining armor type of good looking guy. Specially for Serena. But not for me, I guess. I just feel that he could have been a better character instead of being Dan Humphrey. I hope there will be a switch character episode so that we can find out the real chemistry.

Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). Handsome lass who had¬†sex with Blair’s bestfriend Serena without¬†her knowledge of course. Its revelation¬†happens to be the main conflict of the first few episodes. Best buddies turned out to be best-enemies. But I won’t spoil it for you. Go get a copy and find it out yourself.

Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen). I remember her. She used to play the role of Gretel in “Hansel and Gretel”, a few years back. As for her role in the “Gossip Girl”, she always remind of somebody when I was back in College. Social climber who climbs on top of her way to fulfill her wants. Doesn’t care much about her needs. Tagged as Little “J”, her character had set a standard composure for all the wannabees in town.

Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) Dan’s best friend. A smart princess from Brooklyn who exactly looks opposite to the description. She was Nate’s latest interest in the later end of the first season. I don’t know, for me they don’t seem to match. But let us see. I am sure there will be more surprises to come.

And finally, the gossip girl. The mysterious voice over played by Kristen Bell. Perfect voice for a perfect character. The eye of the town and the milk spiller.

So what is my favorite scene? It was the part where Blair followed Serena in the place where they use hang out when they are lonely. It was raining. Prior to that scene was the incident in which Blair gave a humiliating surprise to Serena by telling everyone that she has undergone rehabilitation due to over use of drugs. I love the part in which Blair read her unsent letter to Serena.

That letter made me cry. She missed Serena so much and asking her why she had to leave during the most critical days of her life. And no matter how many times she hides it, she can’t always fool her heart. She missed her best friend.

I can’t wait for the next season to come. I am sure, like me, everyone is craving for it.

And who am I? that’s the secret I will never tell.

You know you love me…….


Gossip Girl

adios nokia E71

I don’t fancy mobile phones so much. I admit, I easily get fascinated about the latest releases of mobile phones. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I resist on the temptation.



But when the moment I finally found the best mobile phone that I was looking for. I lost it. (Sigggggghhh….) I have to take a deep breathe while telling this because everytime I am reminded about it, I become deeply saddened.

I dropped it somewhere in Oasis Center when I was having my daily site visit. I put it in silent mode because I hardly hear it due to intolerable noise inside the building.

So, when I put it back on my belt clip, the screw got loose and I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t there already. Not until I decided to call my boss to check on something.

It was disappointing. I don’t want to think about it so much but I really can’t help it. 2,200 bucks is not a joke.¬†Even if I wasn’t the one who bought it, still. Same case. It is gone from my hands now.

It was really sad. Given a fact that I have all my VIP contacts just recently synchronized. The saddest thing about is that I have not updated the sync on my PC.


Plus, some of my precious pics are there that I have kept for a long period of time. It was gone now. I just hope that whoever finds it, will have the rarest courtesy of returning it. I would definitely give a reward if it happens.

Carelessness sometimes can ruin your entire day.

That could have been the best phone suitable for me. Sleek and user-friendly. It didn’t even lasted a week since my sister gave it to me as a present.

Gossh…what can happen in a day would certainly surprise you.

The phone is off now. Somebody must have sold it already and I don’t have enough time to ask 10,000 laborers if somebody found it somewhere. That would be ridiculous.

For now…I have to use my spare ones.

I’m gonna miss it. 6 days is not even enough to explore it. If I knew that it will end up like this, I would have given it to my mom only. She could have totally enjoyed it.

Anyways, enough of the grumbling.

Have to go. It’s already late. I have to leave office.

buh bye


FROM L TO L: an apology to a friend

I am sorry.

I seem to have this habit of being insensitive about my friend’s feelings and accidentally hurting them in the process.

This goes to one of my closest friend at work. I had to do this somehow, as somewhere I still haven’t been able to convey my message to her, though I have indirectly said sorry,¬†and she knows how guilty I am. I hope that through this she will¬†know what¬†she means to me.
Now when I think back of what I did, I can recollect her words. I was indeed insensitive about it.

They were so true. For the nth time i was wrong on something.

Whatever is next, I take this incident as a learning experience. A chapter on the bitter truths of life.

I hope this deep apology¬†helps…

It wasn’t my intention to crack something and¬†hurt my friend’s feelings.

If I could have been more aware and be gentle about it.


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