2:00 am: still “ON”

I can’t sleep. I guess I overslept in the afternoon that is why. At least there is something that I am busy of..right now and that is editing my music files. My Ipod is almost full and I just love browsing it. I have reached 2,000 songs and 350 movies already. It is just so amazing to have all of it in a handy pouch. What do you think?

My Ipod has become my life nowadays. Ooooh. Specially now that One Tree Hill Season 5 has been released. I just finished downloading the full 18 episodes yesterday via I-tunes and damnnn…I saw the first 2 episodes and I was literally like teary eyed already. I don’t know…I guess I am just too emotional and I really get carried away sometimes. It is just like that. I can feel all of them. The pain, the anger, the loneliness. 



One Tree Hill Season 5 For $36? I can say it was worth buying.

Of course, to all the One Tree Hill fanatics over there. I will not spill anything about any of the episodes. But I am sure that just like me, you will definitely have a great time watching it as well.

I really love One Tree Hill. From the cast, the set up, the scenes…I am just crazy about it. I am so attached to each and every episode.

Loving it like hell.

I wish I can write something which is as good as that. It was indeed a “well-thought” story. Every line has its meaning.

I’ll try to finish the 3rd episode right now. Which means…I will have to meet my bed now.

SO long everyone. It has been a great day yesterday. A new one just shone.

voila….bye now.

hugs and kisses from the big b



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