grapes are sour

ey me!

Why can I just be happy for him. He is happy now. He is moving on. He is taking his life to a new level. He already rose up from the deep sh*t where he almost got drowned. He is looking great. He is reaching his dreams.

How about me? Am I happy about it?

Honestly, I am. But a part of me says something different. Something that corrupts the entire acceptance thing. I just want to be happy for him.

But how can I put my feet forward and do it? I am just having dry thoughts right now. Feelin’ so unsual.

Did I really got over it?

I thought I was, but here I am back.

Sad. I was just fooling myself by telling that I was really over it. But it has just begun and it is not making me any better.



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    August 3, 2008 at 2:47 am

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