I was a little bit disturbed about what has happened in our office yesterday. I have checked my inbox and I received one mail from our HR department. An information regarding 2 of our co-employees who got terminated due to breach of trust and evidence of theft.

What caught my attention so much is that I saw their pictures attached in the email circulated in the entire company recipients. With one potraying a happy and innocent face. (I guess that was a passport image)

What the hell was that? Don’t you think that was overdone and a bit harsh? My point is, what they did was inevitably intolerable and could be considered as a disgrace to the company. But don’t you think they don’t deserve such kind of humiliation by exposing your image as described.

We are human, we all commit mistakes. Now for a third person like me….I guess that was too unjust. I always believe that there is an extent of confidentiality when it comes to this kind of matters. Few portions of it should be disclosed. I feel sorry for them. That was “too much”.

It was a coincidence that they both come from the same land where I was raised and born. Maybe that is one of the reason why I am reacting so much about it. But it was not because of that….I would be writing the same thoughts and feelings if it happened to anybody be it a different nationality.

I just cant stand the entire scenario and can’t keep myself thinking about it. That was way overboard.

For both of them. I just hope that after what happened, they will still find peace and love in their heart. Be strong enough to face the consequences of their acts. Much more of the consequences that they will be facing after receiving such form of e-mail transmission.




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