kill bill

Oasis Center, Sharjah City Center, The MAF Towers, Sharjah Warehouse, Ajman City Center, Dubai Mall + Heavy Traffic in the Emirates road + another traffic near mall of the emirates. I guess it is justifiable why I reached office at 6:00 p.m. I was too early for the next class I guess. They were all leaving the office….all are in a Holiday aura…while “ME”..the loser, just scanned my fingerprint for daily attendance and entered the office. I arrived late so I have to work late. Poor car…I don’t remember how many times I hit my stirring wheel because I was literally pissed with the traffic ahead of me.

So much of that….that has happened already. I already wasted hours roaming around outside.

I went home late. It’s the norm. So its done. Chapter closed.

Let’s move on what happened 3 hours before. I met Bill in Excess store. He was so excited to see me. The feeling was mutual. I miss this guy so much. If I could have started my blog earlier, he could have been the most discussed topic in my blog. Well, I guess it’s going to start now. OMG. I guess I am cool with that.

We had lunch in the foodcourt. I gave him a treat. He loves it of course.

My Bad. I didn’t show myself for more than 3 months again. I don’t remember exactly when was it. But whatever it is, there is just one thing I am sure of and that is his happiness when he is with me. I am so freakin’ conceited. But that is a fact.

He never fails to make me laugh too. This guy is just so true. He was telling me about his room mates who most of the time, can’t understand him. “TELL ME ABOUT NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD, WELCOME TO MY WORLD”. Well, he talks so much. But I like it and finding it pretty cute.

Bill, Bill, Bill. He is just one of a kind. Exquisite in short. It’s good to see a friend back. At least he is there for me always. Compared to somebody who is just a few walks away from you, but indeed as transparent as water.




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