friday at home

Strange. I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I gave Valerie a walk. Strolled up for almost an hour, of course with my IPOD…my great buddy. There is this small park in front of our house. It was like a ghost town. QUIET AND CREEPY. Valerie is enjoying it. Again with her tongue out, she was so agressive in the first few minutes….but after some time, she slowed down. Hihihi..She finally realized that it was hot. We saw some green lawn and I was wondering why I keep pulling Valerie but nobody was moving, the string was heavy. I vowed down and waaaahhh…Valerie decided to lay down. That is why.

So I have to sit with her. It is good that the weather was not that cruel today. Few cars had passed in front of us. We didn’t bother. I was watching Episode 15 of One Tree Hill season 5 and while doing that, Valerie stretched her legs and laid down next to me.

We got tired, so we went home. Mom cooked something special. Fried chicken. Hmmmm..My favorite. Who doesn’t?

I had shower and decided to take some nap. (nahhh….i changed my mind) I sat in front of my notebook. I went through my files. My hard drive was in a mess. I was pissed. I don’t even know where to start. And if I don’t start now….soon it will be full and it will be more screwed.

My movies and music are already in bulk. They are not quite organized. I have to buy another drive to accommodate all of them. I guess 1TB is not even enough to keep space for them.

I have to shift so many files from my notebook to the drive. I have to do it now.

Actually, I started it already. I am waiting for it to get over.

Hmmmmmmm….Tomorrow is Saturday and once again it’s going to be a busy day for me. I have to go to the bank tomorrow and settle some formalities with my account.

Have to go. I have to rush. My mom and my sis decided to stroll Mercato Mall. I have to drive them there.

Gossip 1: So I was talking to the big “G” in the morning. She had a date last night. A date which I am not so in favor. The truth is that I am happy to see her dating other men. I want her to do that. Move on and live life the way I want her to be. Of course, she is still the driver. I just didn’t like the chosen one. Oh. I promised her that I will be good. I wanted to spill out something but I have to keep it in my private posts. She deserves the privacy after all. So let’s just give it to her. The gilr got her period today! (*winks*)

Gossip 2: I had a flirty badminton schedule in the afternoon. Even if it’s so hot. Still I attended. Of course, it’s flirt mode. Who would miss that.? The details? I won’t tell you now, i don’t want to jinx it. I’ll spill it out soon.




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