Happy 1 month of blogging

August 8, 2008  —->>>  8-8-8 —->>> 12:00 a.m.

This day marks a very special moment. Aside from the fact that today is the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It has been 1(one) month since I started writing for my blog site. The Lee’s e-diary corner which showcased my feelings, ancs, boredom, gossips and everything that we could kiss under the sun. Time flies so fast and I am very proud to say that as of the moment, I have reached a total of 2,057 hits since it has been launched a month back.



Not bad for an amateur right? I mean…it’s not bad at all. I even visit this corner more often than my official website. But please don’t fail to visit my other nest all the time. www.bengwic.com, the place to be.

My first write up was “SAME SCRIPT WITH A DIFFERENT CAST”. The content of the blog was full of anger and jealousy. (all smiles now). I am finally over it. At least. That moment and situation…whatever I felt that time…has encouraged me to write and expose my inner thoughts about what’s going on around me. The people around me. The cloud above my head and the words on top of it.

This blog has made me more positive about everything while at the same time people give me advices and comments on how they feel about it also. Some do criticize…some agrees. But whatever it is, it has become my connection to the world. To everyone who’s part of the  worldwide zillion collage of Internet surfers. 

I am looking forward for more months to come. Or even years in fact. More gossip to thrill. More ancs to dwell. More spills to tell. I just love everything that I write. Good or bad. Crap or not…they are gems to me.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to wordpress also, the lovely slot that you gave me here has explored and opened wide range of knowledge about life and its beauty.

Expect more buddies. Explore life. Live life. Have a real life.





  1. Adam said,

    August 8, 2008 at 4:56 am

    Congradulations! I’ve been at it for almost two weeks. I’ll keep an eye on you’re blog.

  2. Lee Bengwic said,

    August 8, 2008 at 7:13 am

    Thanks adam. I am so happy to hear that. I love writing and I guess this is the best way to express it. Same as you I guess. I haven’t finish reading all your post but I am going through it with a popcorn at hand. A friend of mine is working as an environmentalist back home and I am 110% sure she will love reading your blog. I placed your blog site it my blog roll as well for an easy click.


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