a 30 second blog


I just reached home. I was full day out. Gemma, Lara and myself went to have lunch at apple bees. Damn heavy lunch but I loved the food. Both of them are so fresh, alive and kicking.

We were busy gossiping about so many things while we were waiting for the food. About gemma’s date, about lara’s burning sensation (hihihi), about my badminton flirting session…everything. We missed each other so much. Lara was supposed to go to the doctor but instead, she passed. We went somewhere in DIFC to drop something. Some perfumes for her friend who works for Emirates Airlines. As expected, I missed so many possible turns, so the 5 minute drive from apple bees supposed to be…became a half an hour drive.

Second Pit Stop: Jumeirah Emirates Towers. (Popularly known as the “Twin Tower”.) Inside was like the mall was non-existing. It was empty and dull. The boutiques were glamorous, but you hardly see people around. Except for us. We felt so rich. At least…the place smells like gold and dollar. We got bored and left the rich and famous den.

Road trip. Think…think and think. I-TRIP is on, at least we had something to listen while thinking where to go.

Next Destination: Dragon Mart. The biggest “Divisoria like huge market” located in the outskirts of Al Ain Hatta road.

It was big. (Pretending it was my first time). I have to admit. I was a little bit scared to shop considering 80% of the items being sold are full copycats. I freaked out when I saw one phone which has a brand name “SAMSVNG”. I was wondering if it was misspelled or it was a sister company of Samsung. What do you think?

There were some stores which sells (PILO ). Then I realized, they meant pillow.



Nyaaarrr!!!! I don’t think I would risk buying something in Dragon Mart specially if it’s an electronic device. Another item that made my head turn was the Iphone which has got an apple logo of course. Yeah. You read it right. It was really an apple product. Believe me.

I looked closer. The apple was full. HIHIHI… A silent laugh in my head came then.

Lara bought some white pearls while gemma bought some sleeping clothes. It was a long walk. I was sweating like a faucet. The dragon shaped store made our energies drained out.

I drove them back home. I was in a rush. I have to accompany my sister, she wants to buy some perfumes. I have to get a haircut also.

Waiiiiittttt….I have to cut this blog…Valerie is bugging me. I guess she wants to sh*t. Sorry..Got to go. It’s emergency. Call of nature.




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