Secret Lovers



The lift opened and bwaaaaaaah!!!! a creepy creature welcomed us with her grumpy face. I guess she was not so happy to see us. Hmmmmm!!!! WELL, I GUESS THE FEELING IS MUTUAL. One good advice that I can give you is you have to put your best “foot” forward in this kind of situations girl. (*winks*).

I am so mean….mean and cruel. I know. That’s what keeps me alive and that’s how the cookie crumbles. If I will stop this, then it’s like asking the rainbows not to be colorful.

Just one question, are they both singing the song we use to sing. “Secret Lovers….that’s what we are”. And by the way…what’s with the book? I am sorry…but I was a born critic. I mean…do you really have time to read that after having lunch…duhhhh!!!

Unimaginable. I was just thinking …what’s with the show? Grrrrr!!!!!

Makes me wanna puke. (read as pyuk, *winks* not the other term pervsss)

It’s gonna be a long sweaty and drastic day for me. I am going out of office. Got to do a couple of site visits. I guess that would be better rather than seeing the foot’s face again.




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