….for all the right reasons

To all those lost souls who have forgotten to believe in the immensity of love.

it was far

it was far

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. I woke up from an unfinished dream. Somebody who is so familiar. Then I realized that it was her. She was staring at the sunset. Standing in the middle of nowhere. With her light brown hair being caressed by a mild wind breeze. What could that scenario mean?

This message goes to somebody who has been going through a lot right now. The woman of love, courage, patience and sacrifices. She always reminds “me” of “me”. Maybe that is the reason why I can always relate on what she feels…where the ache is coming from….the reason behind that drawn sad face.

She can always hide it from everyone. But not from me. Definitely not from us.

If she can only find a way to fully realize that it’s not her fault. Just like me…She just fell out of love. Nobody to blame. It might have happened for a wrong reason or maybe on a wrong time and situation. As they say the mirror has two faces and let us look at the other side of it. It made her stronger.

We are all immature when it comes to all aspects of Love. Maybe not all of you will agree on it, but let us just say that we all enjoy the feeling of experiencing it.

And to you….the great guy with a soft wooden heart. I know you love her so much. I just hope that you will find that courage to stand up for what you think is right. Take the hard way out and never take the easy one. What if the so called “right” means loosing her? I am afraid that is going to be a tough one.

She is waaaaaayyyyy toooo special to get this kind of treatment. She doesn’t deserve any of it. 

She doesn’t deserve to get a glass of water which is half empty and half full.  I may not know the details but I guess she is in pain. For all the right reasons that I am not aware of.

She cried on my car a few days back.

I felt it.

It was deep pain. It was the same tears I once saw when I was also wallowing with somebody. It was clear and transparent. A complete opposite of what she keeps on showing us. A lonely face hiding from a happy faced mask.

All I am hoping for right now is that she can get over it. She might not hear this from me all of the time, but you know that I will always be here for you…We will always be here for you. Maybe more, but nothing less.

I knew you as a strong woman. But don’t forget that even the strongest structure ever built can collapse and break into pieces…..A massive tree requires a branch in order to stand fully.

Show me the girl I’ve always wanted you to be.

keep green 🙂




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