the controversial letter


So this the letter that I created out of rage and fierce in continuation to what I wrote a few days back. I sent this letter to my Big Boss. I have not received any reply yet. Regarding what it is? Go…read…and figure it out.



To:     Mr. Blah Blah Blah

          General Manager




Good day Sir,


I hope everything is doing well.


I don’t know where and how I am going to land after sending this email. I am sorry, but I was really disturbed about the email which I received yesterday. This is regarding the e-mail which has been circulated concerning two of our co- Shoemart employees who, unfortunately made actions that are inappropriate and intolerable.


I just wanted to raise my opinion about some matters that has really caught my attention while reading the transmission in which I find a bit harsh and humiliating.


I understand the need for everybody to identify who is the person that has been described in the e-mail. But I believe that the image on the email was too unjust. I am not so sure how far the extent of the confidentiality of this matter is.


I just hope that there is a better explanation for the above.


I don’t speak of Filipinos, per se, it is a coincidence that they both are from my home country. I would definitely raise the same concern for anybody who will be in the same situation.


What they did, after it has been proven, is indeed considered a complete foul. I believe their side of stories is heard as well. But I strongly stand that this form of relaying the information was overdone.


We all commit mistakes, it will now depend on how “us” a third person would look at it. We can have ten thousand opinions. But let us not forget that somehow, they once became a part of the company where one of its aims is to build camaraderie amongst each other. I am still looking forward to the same perspective.


Pardon me, if I have used any words that you might find offensive. It is unintentional. I just want you to hear me out and give it a thought.


With all due respect,


the bee



Sometimes, you can do something without even thinking. But there’s always something that tells you directly that what you are doing is the right thing……without even thinking twice.




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