an afternoon with the gossip girl

I feel so lazy today. I reached home late last night. Jerome, Lara, Gemma and F3 joined me over dinner. After that we partied at Chelsea hotel. Not quite bad at all. I just find the place too loud. Maybe sometimes a “bad” band won’t match with a hard drink. Like the usual, this time I finished 2 Smirnoff ice. That’s around 5% alcohol intake. Well it was great though. All well and I am happy about it. At least somebody should be sending them home when they decide to go drink to death. Who gives in first? More to find out.

But it was a great night. Jerome was a little upset coz’ once again the Cinder has to go home early. We finished at around 2 am. But that was a bubbly 6 hours of fun and excitement. It was long way back since the last time I saw this lass before he left for Malaysia.

So much of last night….I guess the best thing to do is to upload pics for a better picture. I mean it literally.. XXXXXXX ennnnkkk… I forgot. We didn’t even brought a camera last night. How sad is it?

I went to Mall of the Emirates today with my mom and sis. We had lunch at some Thai resto somewhere down next to the Ski Dubai. I don’t remember the exact name of the place. After that they roam around and shopped together and I decided to sit over one of the wooden benches and watched……………………Gossip Girl…You know you like me. Xoxo…

This is my newest craze after a hanging, jaw dropping, frustrating but cool ending of One Tree Hill, Season 6 a day before yesterday. Well, i had my season finale pretty late huh?  I am opting to get a copy of the sixth season. I am just wondering what happened next…Did Dan died? hihihi…sorry for spoiling it guys. At least now you know something happened to our favorite villain once again. Better see it for yourself.

For the time being, let me enjoy the feeling being part of the the Manhattan elites. S and B. They are so cool. And Nate?? Damn, he is a fox! I am sure there is more to learn..Should I say..more to apply.

Got to go. My bad…I have to feed my little darling Val.

…and who am I? That’s  a secret that I will never tell.


Gossip Girl


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