it was a dream

Good morning Dubai. Good morning world.

I am off for a weekly site meeting and I just finished making myself decent. I still have another 30 minutes to sit and relax and let me do it by posting my blog for the day.

Last night was terrible day for me. I had a very bad dream. It was weird. But still, let me share it with you. I still have to check on my dream book what exactly the dream meant. It was like a movie. It lasted for about half an hour.

The sea has overflown. 10 times higher than a normal person’s height. Just imagine how freaky it was. I was driving when I saw a big body of water approaching me. I have to go back. Ran in a speed of 160 km/hr. The water was still running. I moved out from the car and the water caught me. I knew how to swim in my dream. At least there was something that I was proud of. The water started to rise and I was swimming for my life. It was scary. I don’t know to what extent my breathe is going to make me survive. A lot of people were screaming already. All the houses were drowned.

I was waved into one tall building and fortunately the water didn’t reach that part. A lot of people are waiting in the building. They were all crying and wandering what is going to happen next. I survived. But I still saw the waves coming from the sea. It was blue. Dark blue in fact. We were all hoping that the waves will not be able to parallel the height of the building where we were standing.

It was disastrous. I keep on telling myself that if this is a dream. I want to wake up now. Suddenly, I realized where is my sister and my mom in the picture. I cried. So hard and loud. Seeing the entire city washed out by the horrendous waves made me think that they weren’t able to make it. I just hope they were like me. Waiting somewhere. Figthing for our lives. Wanting to live long for our loved ones.

I was in deep sorrow and pain. I was staring at the water flowing in front of me while I was standing in front of the balcony. It was just around 50 centimeter and the water is going to reach our building floor level. I was already praying.

I saw a plastic bracelet floating in the water. I shed tears when I realized that it was the same bracelet that I gave my mom on her birthday. It was a health bracelet. It finally tore me when I saw my sister’s eye glasses as well. It was tragic. I was shaking.

That was the only time I realized what am I going to do without them. How will I face the world without them. If it’s going to be without them. Then it means nothing.

I woke up. My feet were shaking. It was painful. I prayed and slept again. The dream didn’t dare to come back. I streched inside my quilt and continued sleeping.

That was really devastating. It was surreal. I hope it won’t happen again tonight. Even if it’s going to make me sleep early, I won’t mind. That was one of the darkest dream I ever had.

Got to go now. 30 minutes is over.

By the way, my boss just send me an SMS a minute back saying that he will not be able to join us for the meeting. How cool was that?

I’ll be back later.




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