FROM L TO L: an apology to a friend

I am sorry.

I seem to have this habit of being insensitive about my friend’s feelings and accidentally hurting them in the process.

This goes to one of my closest friend at work. I had to do this somehow, as somewhere I still haven’t been able to convey my message to her, though I have indirectly said sorry, and she knows how guilty I am. I hope that through this she will know what she means to me.
Now when I think back of what I did, I can recollect her words. I was indeed insensitive about it.

They were so true. For the nth time i was wrong on something.

Whatever is next, I take this incident as a learning experience. A chapter on the bitter truths of life.

I hope this deep apology helps…

It wasn’t my intention to crack something and hurt my friend’s feelings.

If I could have been more aware and be gentle about it.



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