adios nokia E71

I don’t fancy mobile phones so much. I admit, I easily get fascinated about the latest releases of mobile phones. Sometimes I buy them, sometimes I resist on the temptation.



But when the moment I finally found the best mobile phone that I was looking for. I lost it. (Sigggggghhh….) I have to take a deep breathe while telling this because everytime I am reminded about it, I become deeply saddened.

I dropped it somewhere in Oasis Center when I was having my daily site visit. I put it in silent mode because I hardly hear it due to intolerable noise inside the building.

So, when I put it back on my belt clip, the screw got loose and I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t there already. Not until I decided to call my boss to check on something.

It was disappointing. I don’t want to think about it so much but I really can’t help it. 2,200 bucks is not a joke. Even if I wasn’t the one who bought it, still. Same case. It is gone from my hands now.

It was really sad. Given a fact that I have all my VIP contacts just recently synchronized. The saddest thing about is that I have not updated the sync on my PC.


Plus, some of my precious pics are there that I have kept for a long period of time. It was gone now. I just hope that whoever finds it, will have the rarest courtesy of returning it. I would definitely give a reward if it happens.

Carelessness sometimes can ruin your entire day.

That could have been the best phone suitable for me. Sleek and user-friendly. It didn’t even lasted a week since my sister gave it to me as a present.

Gossh…what can happen in a day would certainly surprise you.

The phone is off now. Somebody must have sold it already and I don’t have enough time to ask 10,000 laborers if somebody found it somewhere. That would be ridiculous.

For now…I have to use my spare ones.

I’m gonna miss it. 6 days is not even enough to explore it. If I knew that it will end up like this, I would have given it to my mom only. She could have totally enjoyed it.

Anyways, enough of the grumbling.

Have to go. It’s already late. I have to leave office.

buh bye



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