You know you love me! XoXo



I wasn’t able to write anything yesterday. I apologize to all my dailiy readers. It’s because I rewarded myself with a movie treat while eating pop corns specially made by my mom. POP. I watched the following.

-The Beach by Leo di Caprio, Broke Back Mountain….(duhhh….)….and the last three episodes of Gossip Girl.

——————-SATURDAY: Woke up at 5:00 am.

Ok. So it is a Saturday. And why the hell I am in the office? What can I do? I am trying to be a good employee here. I just want them to see that even in the non-working days…I am still workin’ and sloggin’ my butt out.

In short, I don’t have a choice.

Forget about it. At least I have all the time to compose a blog today while waiting for these “primadona” laborers whom I set to meet at 7:30 am and it ended up that it was just me waiting for nothing.

Let’s talk about my latest craze and everyone’s latest fav in fact. My substitute while waiting for the release of One Tree Hill Season 6. Thanks to Romina for introducing such new hobby. It took me time to finally start it and thank God I just recently finished the complete first season.


I just love the casting. I love the outfits. I love the story. I love the setting. I love everything about it. The upper east side…..Manhattan’s elite and their scandalous life.

So who’s my favorite character? It’s definitely Ed Westwick. Portraying the character as Chuck Bass suited his “seducing and panty liner melting” looks. Drawing few lines in the series doesn’t even make him unnoticed.

So how about the rest of the characters. Let us start with Serena van der woodsen (Blake Lively). Though she looks manly sometimes, her sweet face never fails to impress me and uuuuuugggghhh…the wardrobe? glamorous. I just don’t like her character specially in the later part of it. She became boring and out-casted by Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

So Blair. A one of a kind bitch who is always there as a friend. Though she has a strong character, there is always inside her heart that makes everyone love her so much. But a bitch will always be a bitch. In the real world, hundreds of them exists. I guess I am one of them.

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). Cute but not so “IN” for me. A knight in shining armor type of good looking guy. Specially for Serena. But not for me, I guess. I just feel that he could have been a better character instead of being Dan Humphrey. I hope there will be a switch character episode so that we can find out the real chemistry.

Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). Handsome lass who had sex with Blair’s bestfriend Serena without her knowledge of course. Its revelation happens to be the main conflict of the first few episodes. Best buddies turned out to be best-enemies. But I won’t spoil it for you. Go get a copy and find it out yourself.

Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen). I remember her. She used to play the role of Gretel in “Hansel and Gretel”, a few years back. As for her role in the “Gossip Girl”, she always remind of somebody when I was back in College. Social climber who climbs on top of her way to fulfill her wants. Doesn’t care much about her needs. Tagged as Little “J”, her character had set a standard composure for all the wannabees in town.

Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) Dan’s best friend. A smart princess from Brooklyn who exactly looks opposite to the description. She was Nate’s latest interest in the later end of the first season. I don’t know, for me they don’t seem to match. But let us see. I am sure there will be more surprises to come.

And finally, the gossip girl. The mysterious voice over played by Kristen Bell. Perfect voice for a perfect character. The eye of the town and the milk spiller.

So what is my favorite scene? It was the part where Blair followed Serena in the place where they use hang out when they are lonely. It was raining. Prior to that scene was the incident in which Blair gave a humiliating surprise to Serena by telling everyone that she has undergone rehabilitation due to over use of drugs. I love the part in which Blair read her unsent letter to Serena.

That letter made me cry. She missed Serena so much and asking her why she had to leave during the most critical days of her life. And no matter how many times she hides it, she can’t always fool her heart. She missed her best friend.

I can’t wait for the next season to come. I am sure, like me, everyone is craving for it.

And who am I? that’s the secret I will never tell.

You know you love me…….


Gossip Girl


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