euman neri

Who is Euman Neri? This has been opened once again when I had a chat with Celeste, an old friend, last week. I was keeping it in my blog draft for quite some time and I guess now is the right time to discuss the man behind the name Euman Neri. If ces, happens to read this, I am sure that she will be delighted with every words that I am going to use. What more if Euman himself will read this topic. He will definitely haunt me wherever he is right now.

Euman Neri is an old time crush of the great b. I was in college back then. We both took up Architecture. And if I am not mistaken, we were in our fourth year college years. The first time I saw him was when I found out that we both belong on a night class. I remember, our professor was Mrs. Banaag. The subject was Urban Planning, some pre-requisite to one of our Professional Practice subject.

He entered the room. I was in the front seat. I suddenly smell the perfume that he used. Hmmm…Polo Sport. Of course, wearing a polo sport cologne back then was indeed big time. But I will not use the term “linger” because that is too obscene. It just stayed in my nostrils for quite some time. Lovely smell, with a lovely face.

He was so cute. I got fascinated because he eventually looks like my favorite hunk that time…Luis Alandy. But unfortunately, he was just around 5′-4″ in height I guess. Don’t be surprised, I usually get berserk for guys who are 5′-5″ and below. So that doesn’t even ring a bell.

So we were introduced. I don’t exactly remember who did, but I guess it was Ingrid Sabanal. My cigarette partner that time. We use to hang out in the locker room and smoke and there was one instance that I arrived at school pretty early and he was there waiting and sitting at the locker room. Ingrid doesn’t have any idea yet. That would be better, otherwise, she could have thrown the ball of mock right away.

Relax folks. We did not end up together ok. It was just a minute admiration that I am proud to keep as I become inch older.

So let us go further. I started to gather information about him and the worst part of it is that I started stalking him. I even ended up finding where he lives. Of course, with the help of my internal source, I was able to find it out.  I just remembered that it was somewhere around Talisay. I called up ces, and cried. Why? Because I just realized that it’s not becoming healthy for me anymore. Specially the stalking part of it. I don’t even have a car that time.

So then, I stopped. The moment I stopped, I just came to know that Euman was so angry. With whom?? Gosshhh.. It was me.  He even tagged me as a “spasm”. What a heck? I have not even reached the bottom of the ninth and one click of a finger, I was called a spasm. So what exactly happened? I did a research. I just realized that somebody was using my name and started sending him SMS. Green jokes and very vulgar ones.

It couldn’t be me! Duhhhhh!!! I was Holy back then. So it’s impossible for me to break such lousy and pathetic words.

It could have been ok. Not until it became worst and he had made stories behind my back.

Now its a duel. As I keep on saying, I am a good person, but when I am bad…I am certainly better.

I confronted him. At first I didn’t believe any of it. Not until it came into his bubbling mouth and admitted it.

—–So what happened next. Well, I just told him to get lost… and F*ck off and slapped brown but not so rossy cheeks. That was so courageous of me. He himself cannot believe that it was me doing it. But, the hell I care. He started, so I have to finish it.

It was an unfortunate event that I cannot forget. After that, I concentrated finishing my course. As for him, I don’t know. I heard that he got married. But with whom??? God Knows. I hope wherever he is, he is happy and fulfilled. I heard that he finished architecture a year after I finished mine.

So that is it. Poor guy. He wasn’t able to even have a glimpse of what’s in store for him. If he could have given me a chance to introduce myself. Clean sheet.

But it didn’t happen. Sad to say, it ended up with a complete foul.

I have to leave office now. I am late. My mom has cooked special today and I can’t afford to miss it.

I love you all and till my next revelation.

keep dreamin’…like me.

so long..



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