arche and ochoa love story

think of lara…..laugh don’t cry. I know she want it that way.

And she was in red

This seems to be a night to remember.


This goes out to the 2 of my closest friend in Dubai. Lara and F3. The happy couple behind the happy faces.

So I was an accessory to the crime on F3’s hidden agenda. Lara doesn’t have any idea that F3 is taking her out for a a Dow cruise….well…Lara of course…assuming that we will be having dinner together was clueless.

Gemma it was Dow cruise …not ABRA…Abra is for footsy and —eeeennk!!!

Not until I panicked and blew the surprise..I mean almost blew it. But the good thing about it is..she liked it. (Of course…..the grumpy face would always be there. Lara won’t be Lara without grumbling) You know we love her…..I know how much she wanted this moments to happen and now..I am happy to know that she is finally getting answers to her questions. Answers to her long list of question that has remained in the “fill in the blank” status for quite some time.

How sweet of F3….DESPITE THE MILD FLAWS….but it’s the effort that counts.

“kinikilig ako leche” ..Envious beatcccchhh here. I guess I shall wait for my turn.

A toast to the happy couple. I don’t expect you to reach your 4th year anniversary. coz i expect wedding bells next year then. Can’t wait for that….can’t wait to catch the flower..hihihi..

I love you both guys…always remember that I am one of your fan and it’s my great pleasure to have known you both.

With all my love and support,

b here


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