It’s now down to 3 —- now who will prevail?

I don’t remember promising somebody that I will not be writing anything about this. But if I did…

Promises are made to be broken.

Have you ever played a dating game? The feeling must have been so difficult since one of the hardest thing that we can ever encounter in life is “decision making”. Choosing can be a mild process but when it comes to finalizing it, would be a pain in the a**.

This is just my opinion. But if in any case that I can affect someones decision then it’s no longer my look out. (*winks*)

I have to take this deep sigh as I have to be extra careful about all the things that I just can think of.

—– The question is…Are we really down to three?

FIRST GUY IN THE ROW: I wasn’t even born yesterday, but I can say that I can really smell him from where I stand. But let us give him a chance. Everybody deserves to introduce their self and maybe we can conclude later.

Sometimes, you can be a little bit deceiving about your feelings. If your heart belongs to someone, keeping your eye into somebody else would be like staring at a blank wall. But can you really teach your heart to fall in love with someone else? That can be possible.

The best way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. This is bullsh*t. What if she is not considering “eating” as a major hobby?

Most guys are taught that complimenting a woman is one way to win her over. But if you’ve ever complimented a woman, what kind of reaction do you really want to get from her?

If you really tuned into it, I bet you got a somewhat ‘disgusted’ response from her.

Sometimes it’s obviously apparent. Other times, it’s subtle.

So if complimenting women is such a turn-off, should you stop doing it altogether to help you win a woman’s heart?

Not necessarily.

But before you compliment a woman again, I would recommend that you first understand the reason complimenting a woman can be repulsive to her.

Then, when you fully realize why compliments can repel women, you’ll also know when they won’t. So here’s the reason why and the secret of complimenting women the ‘right way’… Carolina Herrera is not an answer.

Second point.

Complimenting a woman is usually used by guys as a type of flattery.

It’s as if they feel they have to PROVE how much they like a woman in order for her to become receptive — when, in Human Nature, it’s actually quite the opposite.

And even though trying to flatter a woman with compliments may be unconscious, what they’re really trying to do is bribe her into liking them.

“I was nice to you — now I expect you to go out with me,” is the subtext being communicated.

And women who have had enough experience with guys trying to pick them up can spot this quickly. In fact, most women — meaning the ones you want — will see the agenda immediately…

… even if you don’t — but you do now, right?

Of course, the same goes for buying flowers for a woman before you’ve been going out at least 3 months or buying a drink for a woman in a bar.

But is there a way of complimenting with sincerity?



Let’s move to the second guy.

Ok. Friends. We’ll, we always have to start somewhere. We cannot be more transparent in this stage. 

There is no spark but sparks happen when you started lighting it. And who could be the light?

The question now is you love me? or do you want to be my friend?

Tough question! Deal or no deal. Consequences are expected later.

What if he likes me and I don’t?

And when time comes that he will tell me….he can’t accept it. What shall I do?

Just see it like this …..Crying is a powerful way to manipulate people. Children use it all the time. Your friend may not have deliberately tried to manipulate you but you have allowed yourself to get involved in this drama. You’re not doing him a favor by lying to him. A boy considers it a great injustice if a girl he has a crush on doesn’t like him back. He needs to grow up and understand that loving someone does not guarantee love in return.

Gently but firmly tell him that you have a right to love someone of your choosing; that you are not obligated to love him just because he loves you. Let him know that he’s a lovable guy, just not by you.

Someday you may be in the same position. Don’t be tempted to manipulate a guy with a display of tears. Some guys are willing to sacrifice their own happiness just to save a girl some pain. You could cause some real harm.

That would be the best answer…..but what if, she falsifies it and it is actually the opposite? Complicated!

————–spill us the truth!

The third guy comes in three words.

The man, the truth and the answer.

Usually people that seek out commited men is like the game of “winning over” that person and also these people are afraid of real commitment. 

It is not actually applicable for everyone. What if you really love him and that is the truth?

We are just scared of the fact that it is easy to go out with a commited man because deep inside you know you’ll have fun, keep the magic in your relationship (but only for so long until he grows tired of you … and he will) then to be mature and have a relationship with someone who is single and actually work for the relationship that you want.

You love this man simply because you can’t have him is a crap. It’s not human nature.

I honestly think that most guys can also have the rarest intentions of keeping his promises to someone else. Having a relationship with a commited man maybe a disaster in most cases and a very low percentage ever work out but what if you belong to the low percentage???????

That is a fact. How the hell will you know if you won’t even try.

There is always that question, “If he cheated on his other behalf”, will he cheat on me also?” The answer is…..STOP THINKING!

If the time comes that you really have to give him up, always remember that the hurt goes away. You’ll meet someone new (hopefully single) and be glad you didn’t settle for second best.

As long as you continue to love him and never expect him to love you back, he will see you and that magic that you felt in the beginning will be worth waiting. He knows that you won’t end it, so he continues to see you on his terms.

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories.

Time is the best cure.

You just have to wait it out until emotions go down and your reason turns on again [no offence].

But then, I am still a man (technically). So i might see things differently.

Life is a queue. You come in, hang around for a bit, get some service, then depart.

Not much word to explain for a question which has all it’s answers laid.

No need to explain. Coz’ it’s the truth that I am after of.


Why don’t we ask her?

——————tell us your thoughts!


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