wi-fi sucks

The connection sucks. It is useless paying 175 bucks a month if you can’t hardly even use it specially if you are in the middle of writing your thoughts.

Karma moves in mysterious ways. 🙂 It must be Gemma and Lara who has cursed me badly. But revenge can be sweeter and we just have to wait for it to come and blow the candle….

Beatch versus the Beatches! Drink more Milo girls coz this is going to be a war of both worlds.

Kiddin’ here…Just pullin’ your legs. You know you love me.

I have to sleep…as much as I wanted to write something, I cannot. The connection is creating a spider web inside my notebook. It’s VAIO…well, it could have been better if it’s MAC Book Air, what do you think?

Ei gemma, Meron pa palang taga UP  na nakalimutan mo i mention kanina….It’s Carlene Aguilar and Agot Isidro. Happy Centennial celebration to all the Pambansang Scholars.

Ramadan Kareem to all our muslim brothers and sisters also.




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