serena, back as the queen bitch

Serena is back. And she is back with a vengeance. I guess the queen has redeemed her position back. Not so long since she ruled and rock.

Similarly, I was talking to gee a while ago and she said that my blogs are becoming boring day by day. Well, I guess she is right. I think we should have a little pinch of spice into our topics.

In this, I have to prepare a pay check for somebody. But let me compose the words first….as I will make sure this will be a topic of the year. (*winks*)

It seems Serena is not the only one who is back in the bitch business. She has some company.

An who could that be? You will find out soon.

Love me more.




Cool. Exciting. Lovely. Beautiful. Great. Sexy. Exotic. Fun. Laughs and more laughs.

It’s another mind boggling and nose bleeding event at the Central Perk. “Where friends meet”.

But before I start with the good ones. Of course we should never fail to acknowledge the daily ambituous lines of dear darling ms. balabal con

“”how do we ever keep this secret? how do we keep it in the dark? and if we dare to chase our weakness, how do we tear ourselves apart?” alam ko, im the understanding one right? :)”


Answer: Stop the crap and eliminate the front act. As I have said, no matter how many times you deceive us, still you cannot change the fact that you are just making it all up. Unmask yourself and show us the real creepy monster face that you have.


Ok! Enough of that. Well. I am sorry to spoil your appetite avid readers. This happens and we just need to spill some the black shade out of it. Colorful isn’t it?


Gossip Gossip: My car smells good today. It was full of love…affection and honesty. Plus…not to mention “full of ants” . Honesty I refer as….true found love….a wrong time and a wrong situation. It may not sound applicable for some but that is just what the eye tells me. The big question is. Where have you been all my life?


Answer? just inside a bubble gum can.


Gossip Gossip: And who was having lunch down???? with someone….not having someone… it? Go figure. And you were telling me you are done with her. There we go again. Changing locations….changing strategy. Bluff + deceit + lies…what makes them common is “you”.


Lonely bites: ———->>> Ginena Ruth Albero. My bestfriend. My inspiration. She has been diagnosed having Appendix cancer. Cancer of the appendix is an uncommon disease that is rarely suspected rarely before surgery. Although several case series of these tumors have been published, little research has been anchored in population-based data on cancer of the appendix.

I am personally praying that everything will turn out well and she will survive the treatment. Go go go girl. I don’t want to see you bedridden ok? that’s a promise alright?



—–the main event


Casting: The bee, Elle, F, Gee, Mina, Len, Mama Rosette (or mama rosuah in french) + the new recruit..anne! hathaway? no! its curtis…..


Weakest point: A Father and child’s picture

Memorable line: Posh

The easiest but the most difficult word when a perv describes it: come

Most “hyped” word: tie

Most memorable sketch: A cage with 2 people having sex inside. Note: the other one has a tail.

Best Object: Weighing scale

The most common dead cell: nails

Markers for the taboo card colors: the sofas

the land from down under: australia

best drawn: pencil lead


The trophy for outstanding cheater award goes to: Effieeee.

I follow next.

And the price…a trip to heaven later. Courtesy of Elle airlines.


……talk about exotic….GEE! arrrrrrhhhhh!!! got it? then you just played the “speechless taboo”


thanks guys. you just made my weekend class A.


TILL NEXT TIME. I hope next time means….effie as an opponent!

tagalog time

Okay okay fine.

Ang quote ko for the day is “losers go to hell then liars come after”

So ito and first time na magtatagalog ako for my blog ok? Minsan kase hindi kona kinakaya ang sobrang pagdurugo ng ilong ko kaka isip kung anong words ang gagamitin para lang makumpleto ang punyemas na blog for the day. But at least I am trying to put a smile to everyone’s face everytime they read my views. Though its dumb sometimes…but check this out…umaabot na sa 78,000 ang hits ko…in fairview..It’s not bad for an amateur. (*winks*) ay sorry tagalog pala…(*kuraps*)

It’s weird. Lalo na sa mga gaya naming sosyal. Well. Hindi na kase kami sanay gumamit ng sarili naming lenguahe. Prrrrrrrrt!!!! Stop. Joke lang. Di na kayo mabiro. I am still the baby that you used to know.

So bat ko naman naisipan na mag tagalog? well, sorry to say pero alam mo na…mas maganda mag tsismis pag tagalog..mas detalyado…at mas malutong pag gusto mo magmura. So sino naman ang topic natin ngayon? wag muna kayo masyado manginig at kailangan natin tong isa isahin. Consider “from hot to hottest”  as per the order of discussion is concerned.

UNA: Aba aba….One Tree Hill Season 5: May naalala ba kayo? Ako meron. hehehe…alam ko tapos konang mapanood yun…tapos narin mapanood ni Elle pati narin si Mina. Nothing follows.

Wahahahhaha. Ok. So bakit kaya.? I am expecting “maybes” here…Go figure nalang mga ineng. Pero mayron akong nalaman…di ko sasabihin..Sekretong malupit!

PANGALAWA: Ang babaeng balabal. Aba aba… text ka pala ng text ha….kung friends lang kayo mare bakit kailangan mo pa ipaalam na masakit ang puson mo. Haleer! friends? anak ng teteng…lalim naman ng pagkakaibigan nyo. O ngayon. Ano ka? di nakakita kana ng katapat mo. May nag aaya tuloy sayo ng boxing! Kaw kase eh..ang kasalanan molang naman ay sumobra ang ganda mo. Hindi ko nanga maintindihan kung tama paba ang orientation ng parts of the face mo eh. But I guess it will be dislocated soon. May ginagawa kapang front ha! You can’t fool me b*tch. Even if how much you pretend that you are having a relationship with someone..still…you can’t hide the fact that you are just doing it for the sake of showing “somebody” na commited kana with somebody.

I so know the strategy girl….so stop it. Hindi hindi ka nya tigilan..Kahit ilang panang kakana kana pa ang gawin mong back up. Hindi nayan uubra dahil huli kana eh. Malas mo nalang. Di mo ginawang malinis.

PANGATLO: Si pashmina at si balabal girl ay iisa lang. Pero tamaan kana ng bato wa ako care…bato bato sa langit…ang tamaan…sana ikaw lang. Wahahahah. I am so mean and I know that…and that’s what keep me and us beautiful.

When Dubai meets Baguio. Mahangin parin at malamig ang Baguio no? Well kaya siguro uso ang balabal which is made of pure abaca. Tigas….Walastik ate! Did you buy it from naif….o gosh. So nag abra ka na naman? bumili kanaba ng salamin as what I have adviced you last time? Just make sure na tempered ang bibilhin mo para di kaagad mabasag. Ok? follow my advices…architect to. Tried and tested inday!

At pakiexplain naman ang post mo regarding sa magkatabi nyong sapatos. Obsession nayan ate. Kala ko ako lang. Gaga ka…tapos sasabihin mopa na hindi nya sapatos yun. Girl…for your information….out of 10 pairs ng shoes na meron siya ngayon 8 non ako ang bumili…alam ko ang sukat at design ng paboritong sapatos na sinusuot nya lagi. So alam ko na paa nya yun…not unless may nanghiram…aba…pwede…pwede…

Pero iha! pati ba naman yun? kailangan pa ipangalandakan? well… you said. I can’t argue. Mouth zipped!

Ang dami pa pero late na kase eh. Kailangan kona umalis sa office at kailangan ko pa dumaan ng bank to pay my dues.

O sa susunod uli ha. Sana mag enjoy ka kung sino kaman….dahil kung akala mo titigilan kita. Well, sorry beatch…but it has just started.

You know you love me so much….to the 10th power!

xoxo and so many x’s again.


Clay Aiken: “Yes, I’m Gay”

Posted Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:57pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

Guys, I know this is going to come as a bit of a shocker, so I hope you’re sitting down before you continue reading. But (deep breath, now)…Clay Aiken has confirmed, in an interview featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of People magazine and first leaked on Perez Hilton’s site, that he is indeed (wait for it), homosexual.

happy and gay

happy and gay

All right, all right…so this isn’t the biggest news scoop in tabloid history. This is sort of akin to reporting that Chris Daughtry is bald, or that David Cook uses hair gel, or that Ruben Studdard shops at Big & Tall For Men. It’s always been that obvious. But this is the first time Clay’s actually admitted it, so I for one am thrilled that he has set the record straight (no pun intended).

For years, practically from the minute he reared his bespectacled head on season 2 of American Idol, Clay has skirted (again, no pun intended) around this issue–even telling Diane Sawyer herself that she was “really rude” to grill him about his sexuality in a 2006 Good Morning America interview. He always made a big point of keeping his private life just that–private–but it seemed the quieter he remained, the louder all the gossip (and snarky jokes) became.

Of course, promo photos of Clay’s new look (frosty blonde highlights, inch-thick pancake makeup), or news than his son was conceived via medical intervention with his 50-year-old “best friend,” didn’t help matters. But Clay still kept mum, perhaps out of fear of alienating his adoring, mostly female fanbase.

But now Clay has finally come out, in a People article accompanied by the first published photos of his new bouncing baby boy, Parker Foster (who apparently was his inspiration for telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth here, as he told the mag, “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things”). Kudos to Clay for being an honest role model for his child, and I’m certain that any worries Clay–or, probably more specifically, his handlers–had about him losing fans after such a confession will prove totally unfounded.

can a fruit change its color?

What I see is a green sky….

I sat and ate a purple banana. Drank some pink wine having it paired with a blue apple pie.

I suddenly thought of something. What if love ends?

Will it be really over? what shall we do? What shall I do?..or better said as what did I do?

Unless you are one of those fortunate few who met their soul mate in grade school, married right out of high school, and spent the next 60 years in wedded bliss you are going to go through what millions before you have gone through, and what millions after you will go through – a broken heart.

I love him so much. But the question is…until when?

Do you believe that our heart drains its patience? I do….I guess she does also.

If forgetting you was as easy as that, I would not even think twice. Hoping now that I was somebody…….someone who just simply shake the dust off and get right back into the dating game, the others who are left so devastated that they never date again, spending the rest of their life in bitter solitude. Why the difference? Could some of us just be stronger than others? Do some people love harder than others? Are some loves more connected than others?

where can she run?

where can we run?

where can i run?

where will you run?

Why is she happy?…..why are they happy?….while others remain either bitter or so afraid of getting hurt that they never date again, closing off their hearts to just about everyone. Yet, some don’t even grieve at all, subconsciously choosing to simply transfer their feelings for one person immediately onto that of another person in what is called a rebound relationship

Why the variation? Well, a lot of it has to do with our feelings. My f*ckin heart just fell in love…..fell and trapped.

One person may love another in a supportive and healthy way, another person may cling onto their mate simply as a way to fix what they imagine to be wrong with themselves. They use their partner as a method of dealing with their own imagined inadequacies or feelings of unworthiness – feeling good only as long as they are in the relationship. Others simply like the ‘high’ of being in love. This high becomes addictive to them and they hop from one relationship instantly into another – often times head-over-heels in love by the second date.

They recklessly seek ‘love’ much as an addict will seek a ‘fix’, and are often so in need of being in love that they imagine their partners to have all the qualities they are looking for in a mate – whether their partners actually possess these qualities or not. Still others simply surrender themselves into their relationships quickly losing themselves and their own sense of individuality, becoming ‘the relationship’. Should the relationship end, then shall they, too.

A healthy view of oneself, one’s partner, and one’s relationship is essential to withstanding the ups, and downs, in our eternal search for that special someone to share our lives with.

I better take off…This might lead into something. (*winks*)

Again the office starts to get creepy. Chairs move on their own…that is “not” so usual.

Above was just a thought.


you think.

she will think.

I thought so.




give me a break

My head is literally giving me a headache. I guess i need a check up. It must have been my eyes. I cannot even drive properly. But that won’t stop me from watching my favorite series.

Gossip girl and One Tree Hill. They are indeed vitamins. They made me alive. My work sucks and it serves as a battery and the battery has to be class A.

Q’s death really broke my heart into its tiniest pieces. Sorry Gee. I am sure you can’t relate to what I am writing about and it’s not my f*cking fault. (*winks*) I know for you, books are better than Ipods. So go on…bookworm.

It was the saddest episode that I have seen in the history of Warner brother series. As expected, rain poured. Where? obviously not in Dubai but in my eyes. Poor Jamie, his world must have broken down. Devastated. The cape that he has prepared will now be useless as Q can never be seen forever. Those heartless theft has finally ended his dreams where he has really aimed for. One gun shot…..One broken dream.

He has read “Les Miserables” book. Nobody knows that. Poor high lighter……it cannot drain its ink for it is over. The scene were Nate, Haley, Lucas and Skills visited Q’s place before the funeral. They met his mom who was deeply saddened about the tragedy that hit their family. His baby boy is gone.

Surprisingly, his mom knows all four of them. Even though it wasn’t the best time and situation for all of them to meet, they felt like they all met long way back. Q’s description about the four of them has really melted their hearts.

———–Let us move on to gossip girl.

From a heartwarming episode that I had with One Tree Hill, gossip girl was exactly the opposite.

Nate,  I don’t know what is with him. This guy claims that he is just repaying the duchess as his debt of gratitude, but this guys seems to be enjoying every inch of it. “Hooter”.

Poor Vanessa. She has to give up her love for Nate to protect him from the devil’s plot of exposing where Nate’s father is hiding.

Crap. Give me a hand. Let us all clap our hands. We underestimated this plastic blonde. She has a brain after all. I thought that her boobs are bigger than her brain. 

Blaire….the sex addict. Pardon my words, but this gal obviously misses something. Something to fill her in. Something that our friend gee had in common. Therefore I conclude that you are lying. Wahahahahhaha ——-> peace Gee. Chuck took advantage of it and made way to a plan that almost succeeded. Blaire will always be blaire. She can always go out from a hole. Even if the hole is tight. As tight as my a**.

Jenny Humphrey has indeed won Eleonor’s heart. “you are fired” was definitely the last words that you expect from the most prestigious designer in the upper east side. Specially if you are working with her. Thanks for the black out. It has changed everything, including Eleonor’s mind. Her mood swing as well.

Dan and Serena, the “so unique” elevator scene made me bored….to death. The only thing that made me enjoyed that scene was Dan sweating. Sweating like a melting felt. Firing hot!

…..nothing much exciting about it except from the Gossip Girl being so classy and beautiful at all times. WHo say’s invisibility can never be sexy. You are wrong.

The Hell….I have to go back to my life sucking job.

Can’t wait for the next episodes to come.

Got to go. It’s ifthar time.

taboo + charades = fun

Yesterday night was indeed a memorable day for me and for all of us… as I once again got out of my cage and gone berserk. Thanks Mama Rosette for introducing such F*ckin addicting game to us. I use to hear it from Gee’s stories only, but when I finally got the chance to play it… was damn fun.

—-HI GUYS…it’s the bee again here. I missed all of you. Well, I hope somebody missed me too. Even 2 will do.

MEETING PLACE? Central Perk….its goodness has overwhelmed me so much and I just realized that I can even spend my free time in this cool place since it is just a 5 minute drive from my nest. With all that “FRIENDS” themed type cafe, I would definitely embrace my obsession of becoming Rachel…(popularly known as Jennifer Aniston only). Sorry Ellee…I think you can be a better Phoebe than me…and I can be the best Rachel then. Deal with it. Grrr….!!!

Whatever. The fun started when we had our so called “after-ifthar” event in Central Perk…joined by the wity and adorable Mama Rosette who is the queen of board games. She just made our 3 hours of stay an unexplained fun….had a couple of sip…of different type of juice, coffee and cakes..Duh! whatever…forget about what kind of food they are offering. I was more attentive on the game that has been laid down the table.

Well, in my life…I never imagined that sipping coffee would be this exciting.

……..blah blah blah….and then we won. At least the “taboo” game. I was poor in Charades…hihihi. Efffiiiieee wasn’t a good team mate…since we know that we both suck in this game. But the endpoint is…he still remained cute and adorable. Elle…calm down. It’s called ‘admiration” and its not fatal. So relax.

Whatever…all losers out there. Come and join me in spending my time here in the creepy office.

See u tomorrow guys.

till next time.

You know u love me so much.

XoXo—-and so many X’s…I love this letter again.



Charice Pempengco



Is Charice’s star ever going to dim? By the looks of it, not anytime soon.

Fresh from the success of her performance in the concert of international pop star Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden, sixteen-year-old Charice continues to gain more fans after two major newspapers, the New York Times and the New York Post, heaped praises on her performance last September 15. (Watch a video clip of that duet here.)

In an article published September 16, reviewer Jon Caramanica of The New York Times described Charice’s voice as “impressive” and praised the young diva for giving a rougher, more emotional edge to her performance of Dion’s hit song “Because You Loved Me.”

“They performed ‘Because You Loved Me’, though Ms. Dion mostly stayed out of the way as Ms. Pempengco explored the song’s heretofore unheard rougher edges, with ample gesticulations and melisma.

“As Ms. Pempengco brought the crowd to its feet, Ms. Dion struck poses behind her: awestruck wonder, heartfelt empathy, ambient triumph,” the New York Times review read.

A separate review written by Dan Aquilante of the New York Post described Charice’s performance as the brightest moment of the Celine Dion concert.

“One of the most interesting turns in this show was the MSG debut of 16-year-old vocal prodigy Charice Pempengco, whose manager, Oprah Winfrey – that’s right – secured the Philippine singer a duet with Celine for the song ‘Because You Loved Me.’

“The Charice segment was the night’s brightest moment. The teen was able to blast notes with Celine-like power, but she was also able to get in touch with the song’s emotions,” the review read.

Online videos of Charice’s performance at the Dion concert showed people giving a standing ovation to the young Filipina after the duet.

Before they performed, Dion introduced Charice to the audience as a Filipina whose voice “can literally blow the roof off Madison Square.”

“Charice vowed to save her mom from a life of desperation and despair. You know, through prayers and dreams and God-given talent, an incredible voice, Charice entered and won every singing contest in her native country and eventually, was noticed by such influential people such as Oprah and Oprah took her under her wings and David Foster joined in,” Dion said.

She said she invited Charice as a guest to her concert after seeing the girl perform on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

After inviting Charice to the stage, Dion praised the vocal prodigy and asked if she was nervous. When Charice answered yes, Dion said she always remembered to take the advice given by her manager and future husband, Rene Angelil, when she first started singing at the age of 12.

“He told me ‘Celine, I know you’re nervous. Don’t be scared. You love to sing. When you go up there, you’ll be nervous. Don’t be.’ I will give you an image that you can think about. Think that all the people you see in front of you are your brothers and sisters. You are singing in your living room and it’s your family,” Dion told Charice.

Charice then said that she was ready to sing and dedicated their song to her mother, Raquel.

Ever the gracious performer, Dion let Charice take the lead in the song – allowing the young singer to show off her vocal prowess that brought the house down.

“You did amazing, and the roof of the Madison (blew) up tonight,” Dion said after the performance, adding that she could not wait until Charice had her own concert in Madison Square Garden.

“When you do perform in Madison Square, are you going to invite me? I love you and I can not wait to be with you to perform here for a whole concert,” she added before Charice left the stage to more applause.
‘The Most Talented Girl in the World’

Charice’s whirlwind rise to popularity started after YouTube videos of her jaw-dropping performances caught the attention of popular US TV host Ellen Degeneres. Her performance at the “Ellen Degeneres Show” later led to appearances in the Oprah Winfrey show as well as performances with international stars Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

Charice also performed with renowed tenor Andrea Bocelli in his hometown in Italy.

In the episode titled “Dream Comes True”, Oprah tracked the rags-to-riches story of Charice starting with how she once witnessed how her father almost killed her mother in a fit of rage before neighbors stopped him.

Charice said it was then that she and her mom decided to live their own lives away from their father. Charice’s mom worked 16-hour days, six days a week to make ends meet while Charice signed up for more than 80 contests to help her mother.

“I really want[ed] to help Mom,” she told Oprah. “When I’m joining singing contests, and I won some $50, she was, like, ‘Okay, we’re going to have some food for one month, and we’re very happy.'”

She was later able to save enough of her contest winnings to help her mother pay for an apartment. In 2005, she joined the ABS-CBN talent contest “Little Big Star” where she placed 2nd runner-up to contest winner Sam Concepcion.

The series of YouTube videos posted by an avid fan later led to Charice performing at Star King, a famous talent show in South Korea, on October 2007.

But it was Charice’s performance in the Oprah Winfrey Show last May that cemented her claim to fame. After hearing Charice sing, Oprah said she couldn’t get the little girl with the big voice out of her head and invited her back to the show.

Instead of flying back to the Philippines after her appearance on The Oprah Show, producers pulled Charice off the plane and brought her back to Harpo Studios. Then, Oprah called legendary producer David Foster to see what the starmaker could do for Charice.

Oprah, who once called Charice “The Most Talented Girl in the World”, says she is impressed not just with Charice’s voice but with her attitude in life.

“One of the things I love most about Charice is that no matter what obstacles she’s faced in her life, she’s never given up on her dream of something better,” Oprah said.

credits from | 09/18/2008 1:46 PM

dayana mendoza blogs after being hailed as 2008 miss universe


goddess of beauty

goddess of beauty

The queen has spoken.

Ok, so we have not heared of Diana Mendoza after she was crowned as the new Miss Universe of year 2008. So to all of you who are seeking what is up with her lately…please go through Dayana’s Blog courtesy of Enjoy reading and let us all share our thoughts for the beautiful girl who has inspired thousands of beautiful individuals.

Indonesia (posted August 25, 2008 )

On Monday I went to the amazing temple Bodo Budur which is the 7th wonder of the world and the biggest temple ever!!! It was incredible to be in a place with so much history and so much culture. After that I went to the Yamaha event where I took pictures (foto, foto, foto, foto) with all the people there and I saw the new motorcycle only for women, very nice and comfortable. I flew back to Yakarta on Tuesday, I went shopping at Musika Ratu and it was very, very fun!!! After having my time with beauty products I did a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Indonesia and then I went shopping again!!! At the Plaza Indonesia Mall, a very nice and beautiful mall where all the people from all over the world go to shop, what a great day!!!! Wednesday we went to Palenbang where I got to see more of the Indonesian culture, how they make the fabrics, and the different kinds of batiks, which are the typical shirts from Indonesia. While I was having dinner at the river just in front of the big bridge of Palenbang I enjoyed a fashion show with all the traditional clothes, and music, with dance and very good food. Back in Yakarta, I went to Indosat, an Indonesian cell phone network, and learned a little bit about how a cellular network works nationally and internationally too, taking care of costumers happiness and comfort. Then I had a girls meeting with the Minister for Women Empowerment Ibu Meutia Hatta where we had a very nice talk about how important is to show to women all over the world how to keep united and help each other to be educated and protect each other from human trafficking and domestic violence, it was truly and honor for me to share that time with such a successful woman. I learned from her how they are working to fight against violence. Being Miss Universe gives me the chance to talk about this and help empower women all over the world.

Posted by Dayana

Going to Indonesia (posted August 15, 2008 )

I was excited the whole weekend thinking about going to Indonesia and that it was going to be my first trip as Miss Universe, so I prepared everything Monday and Tuesday to have a wonderful time in Indonesia. I arrived in Indonesia on Wednesday, and the first thing I did was a fitting. I tried many Indonesian dresses which I was going to wear during my week here. I am so happy to have the opportunity to meet the people in Indonesia, their food, their culture, and I am very honored I could wear their typical costumes for the most important events. After my fitting I had a wonderful massage in a beautiful spa as a very nice welcome where every body was so warm and kind. On Friday I had a press conference where I could thank every one that have made this trip come true, Ibu Mooryati, Mustika Ratu for making me look so pretty every day, especially Ibu Rossi who did my hair every morning, and Miss Indonesia (Putri Indonesia) for making me feel like home, giving me such a warm welcome. I got to meet the contestants for Putri Indonesia (Miss Indonesia) before the pageant and they were all very beautiful, then I got to see them on stage and they looked even more pretty, they are all winners, they all did an amazing job. I look forward to seeing the new Miss Indonesia at Miss Universe pageant next year so we can share our life experiences.

Posted by Dayana

Busy Schedule (posted August 11, 2008 )

This week I had a wonderful time with the guys (and gals) at the Gay’s Men’s Health Crisis building, where I served food during lunch time and dinner on Friday, they are so much fun!!!!!! I loved being there, they are always smiling, every time so happy, they all are so nice to me that I feel like if a knew them already from some where else, I look forward to going again :)!!! I had some interviews for many Latin countries and Asian countries this week. I’m taking English classes. I did shopping in Roberto Cavalli’s store and I have A LOT of fun! I had the great chance to go to the movie premiere “Holly” with Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and Petra Nemcova. It was about the reality of children trafficking and how hard it is to control such a situation around the world, this movie was produced by Guy Jacobson and Adi Ezroni, who risked their life and overcame death threats to produce one of the best researched narrative films on child sex tourism, with the intention of raising global awareness, to highlight efforts of the international community and to encourage foreign governments to take effective actions to counter all forms of trafficking in persons. It was very hard and impressive to watch the reality of some children that unfortunately weren’t so lucky, and ended living this scary and horrible experience…and once we all get to realize it, we all can to something about it, and help our children without caring about their nationality or religion…

Posted by Dayana

Being Miss Universe! (posted August 5, 2008 )

Since I won, I haven’t truly realized what is happening, everything had been going so fast, the day after I won I did my first photo shoot as Miss Universe and I still couldn’t believe it! I have moved to NY (my new home for a year) and my first weekend here I started to enjoy being Miss Universe getting my nails done and hair thanks to Farouk. From Monday, July 21st to Monday the 28th I was dedicated to doing a big tour for the media, going to amazing TV shows, radio stations, and having in between phone calls interviews as well. I also had the opportunity to be in the red carpet supporting the Latin Film Festival and met Daddy Yankee for the premiere of his new movie. I started learning about my charitable alliances for the year and HIV/AIDS with the Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA) and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC). I will to get to talk to people all over the world about the awareness of HIV and AIDS, which it was really interesting to know how many countries have this issue, and how difficult its for some people to talk about this or even take the HIV test. I just have a couple of weeks as Miss Universe and I’m already having a lot of fun! I’m sharing the apartment with Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz who is a very nice girl, and funny too, she makes me laugh hahaha, and Miss USA Crystle Stewart who arrived last Sunday!!! We got to share our moments from the Miss Universe pageant and how wonderful it was to have this life opportunity :). I’m so happy I get to share all this experiences with them, now we are a new family, living in NY City, our new home….Thanks to all of you that made it possible for me to live these wonderful days I’m living now.

Posted by Dayana

updates will be posted soon

august rush

Coffee + softdrinks is not a perfect combination. Take it from me. I just had a very bad stomach today. Situations like you prefer taking a seat whole day rather than roaming around the busy corridor of the office.

————>>>>>> fast forward to 9:00 in the evening.

We are on September already, but I decided to watch the movie AUGUST RUSH: an incredible journey moving at the speed of sound.

As expected, my Ipod gave up and drained its battery.

What is with this movie?

Mother chucker! Another movie has just made me insane. I was planning to see the movie 2 days back. But due to the towering works that “again” I have to attend first, I got disturbed and forgot about watching it. Not until today, when I had planned to stay late….(and the enjoyable wait for the primadona laborers) ….this calls for finishing the remaining renovation works that I have to complete for my office. Sometimes….my job really sucks!

It was magical. It made me cry? (duh? what other movies didn’t make you teary beatch?)

August Rush is one of those rare movies that made me dislike it, then won be back over before the end credits roll. It’s not common to see a movie accomplish that roller-coaster ride that turns me away from the picture and then picks me back up, but somehow the story manages it and left me a giddy, sappy mess by the end.



The odd title of the movie comes from the lead character: a young orphan who sneaks away from the orphanage to find his real parents. The kid is convinced that he is still connected to his parents through a mysterious tune that comes to him through just about anything that makes sound, so he sneaks away from the orphanage and into the big city, where he is “adopted” by Wizard (Robin Williams), the leader of a collection of street performing children. Wizard sees the child’s gift for music, which he wants to use for his own personal gain. He renames the kid “August Rush,” and tries to manage the kid’s career. Meanwhile, fate is reuniting August’s biological parents, a concert cellist (Keri Russell) and a rock musician (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who actually only got together for one night eleven years ago; the night when August was conceived.

As a film that theorizes about a unifying theme in music, August Rushhas a bit of a surreal edge to it. The movie breaks occasionally from narrative storytelling to reveal the music that comes from August’s world in slightly surreal editing. It’s slightly gimmicky, especially when you consider that acts like Stomp have been using everyday items for percussion sounds for years now. Oddly, as August actually starts to learn about music, these vignettes become less common. One could almost infer that the more August learns about music, the less he hears it, although I don’t think that’s the point; I think it just coincides with a need for the central story to become the primary focus. I think it could have been handled a little better though, mostly by removing some of the sequences earlier in the film. August hears this tune everywhere. We get it in the first few minutes of the movie, so hammering it home in semi-surreal sequences can be a bit obtrusive.

Of course, you can’t have a movie about music without a decent score, and August Rush’s Mark Mancini delivers one of the most intoxicating soundtracks I’ve heard in recent years. It’s a pretty tall order to ask a composer to come up with a sound for music that sounds like it connects to all humans – the music we’ve all heard somewhere in our dreams but never can truly recreate. Mancini lives up to the idea however, with one of the most intoxicating scores this year. It’s a soundtrack that felt so right, both its use in the picture and on a musical level, that I had to race out and pick up a copy. I can’t offer higher praise than that.

The big downside of the movie is that it is completely derivative. There is almost nothing in here that you’ve not seen before in almost identical stories. Child separated from parents, hoping something in the world will reunite them: An American Tail. Street urchins held together by a cruel gang-leader: Oliver Twist. The notion that some unseen “force” unifies the world: Star Wars. The talented Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland) even seems to be channeling Haley Joel Osment from about a decade ago. Just about everything in August Rush has been done before, but somehow, it still works and the deeper the movie gets, the more it draws you in to the point that you can look past the derivative nature of the film and enjoy it.

There’s no way to avoid saying it: August Rush is a “feel-good movie” with a bit of a fairy tale element with the story of the forlorn orphan seeking out his parents and finding a world of instant success along the way. Fans of sappy feel-good flicks should love it. It’s not tremendously deep, but it’s still entertaining despite the feeling that all of this has appeared before somewhere else. Even if the story lacks originality, at least the music is enjoyable.

….admit it! we all love repetitive stories like these. I just gave them 10 stars for this enchanting story which though common….but one of a kind.

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