Ramadan Kareem

I am back…..and I am back for a vengeance. Finally my wi-fi connection has redeemed back its sanity. For all my regular readers out there (approximately 3 persons) who had missed me so much, chill out. The bee is back and I can assure you, you won’t miss me anymore.

Ramadan Kareem once again to all our brothers and sisters in Dubai.

So we will all be missing bars, public smoking and restaurants. But it’s not going to be that long….I am sure..a month is going to be 30 blinks away. At least our smoking area is still accesible and we are still able to ease out our demonic smoking habits.

So what have I missed during the last 2 days since my Internet connection got f*cked up?

Let’s talk about the Ajman adventure last Saturday.

AJMAN KEMPINSKI HOTEL. It was superb. I am going to post pics soon. Let the pictures speak. There might be a couple, but it will tell all. Including the controversial “sexy pictures” of the 4 outcasts. The place was great and no words to explain how much I have enjoyed it. Lar’s and F3 (the cute hubby) occupied a small cabana which is enough to spend a wonderful and starry night.

Me and gemma followed the day after. I was on my casuals and I wasn’t actually expecting that I can be wet any sooner. But no no no! If there is a will, there is a way. I was able to manage, of course with the help of the very smart ochoa in the house. Too bad, mina and allen wasn’t able to join us. Well, there is always a next time.

I had all my day wet and spent my time dipping myself on water like a fish. A BIG FAT FISH. Gemma was in swimsuit. Surprisingly curvy…hahaha. I suddenly remembered my body when I had a serious addiction to drugs. (hahaha…she’s going to kill me for this.) Seriously, we never thought that gemma had something to share..something hidden (she’s good at this)..end of story. Peace Gem…you know you love me.

Lara and F3…the perfect couple…the perfects hosts. They swam like…anything…they just made my water adventure miserable because the way they swim was exactly my opposite.

Too bad, I have to spend my aquatic time on the pool sides…I prefer that rather than becoming a drowned whale later.

The presence of some cute cute guy on the opposite side of the pool, at least made my dip a little bit “spicy”. It almost boiled the entire pool water. Hot! I was drooling! We didn’t had a chance to swim by the beach since we have got a limited time for we have to check out by 2pm.

Ugggghhh!….a temporary escape from the busy and crowded streets of Dubai and the annoying reality of the pending jobs that I have to finish later. At least I was able to forget it….ahhh!!! for about 5 hours! more than enough. I loved the place and I don’t mind spending a holiday there once again. I hope that the so called next time will be spent with someone special. Who could that be? (esep esep!)

—————UP NEXT! Mr. “H” unveiled (*winks*)


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