sleepy head

I am excited to be back home. Wait for me Cebu! I am going to conquer you this December.

The Internet is killing me so much once again. Etisalat has really screwed my life for the past few days to its maximum level.

I woke up from a major disturb when Gemma phoned me. (*winks*). But thank God, she woke me up because if she didn’t, I would have forgot paying my credit card bill for the month and pay 150 bucks penalty unnecessarily. Truly this lady is a “heaven sent”.

Our Ramadan timings has really help me get 8 hours of sleep…or even more. At least, there is something we can do natural rather than depending so much on Mr. Red Bull.

I thought I can go for a moroccan bath today, but i got lazy and postponed it for some other time. Let me at least regain my strength coz I am sure, days from now, I will not be able to get the same free time as what we are experiencing right now. I’m just loving it.

……It was unusual for someone who failed to call me today. I guess I was assuming so much. Here I go again. Someone who thinks ahead but gets everything backwards. Leeee!!!! stop! You are just turning the pages back to page 1. Just sh*t it out and forget about it. The cancer…again starts to eat the remaining white cells in your head.

Whatever! Have to go out and buy something in Baskin Robins……chill out! Got some Vanilla shake later…wahahahha…. I am the King!