what a week

So weekend has finally come once again. Time flies like a bullet train. As much as I wanted to keep myself occupied over the weekend through shopping, beach or even island hopping, I cannot. With all the tons of drawings that I have to check over the weekend plus a couple of site visits this coming Saturday, I can say, that once again, my weekend sucks!

Well, anyway, I cannot do much about it but to become an award winning employee for the nth time.

It has been a stressful week as usual.  At least the Ramadan timings has given me enough justice to sneak out and rest for a couple of hours. Yesterday was a nightmare. I wasn’t able to sleep. And when yawns started to visit me at around 5:30am….it was too late already. I have to stay awake otherwise I will miss my early meeting at 8:00 am. One can of red bull has literally made me up and standing for 24 hours. Tried and tested.

So I just spent the remaining hours browsing the net and familiarizing my new mobile phone which I bought a night before the “zombie” experience. I hope this time…clumsiness won’t attack me and won’t put my mobile into the “lost and found” status mode twice in a row.

——-gossip: somebody has just arrived and it was really a surprise for me. I wanted to join and meet her today but…..again…because of the ten thousand to-do list that I have to attend….I have to pass.

Who is she? that is a secret that I will never tell. We chat while I was driving back to office. Let it remain as a “closed book”. I guess in that way, everyone will have its own peace of mind. At least there is something that I just found out….SHE MOVED ON WITH HER LIFE..and she knows that it is always what I wanted for her.

Happiness happens and you won’t even realize it.

Well, well, well, hope it happens to me also.

I have to continue working….Saying “ill pass” to Lara today after she invited me to shop at Burjuman won’t make any justice if I’ll just end the day blogging. Again…..sorry Lars I promise I will make it up to you. Soon. And stop the crap of me prioritizing Gemma….hihihi..you know it’s not true. I have equal love and time for my friends. Weighed and scaled fairly. (*winks*)

Back to work.

Happy weekend.

Kisses here