freaky friday

Hey peeps! I just came back from the REPUBLIC OF BADMINTON FLIRTING INSTITUTE. Need no explanation as the words spoke for itself.

So how are you guys today? I am so overwhelmed that day by day my blog hits are increasing enormously and I am so flattered for all the positive comments that I am receiving for the last consecutive days. Of course…not to mention the negative comments. For sure I won’t post those.

Today was an energized day for me. Aside from the fact that I had an extension of my “zombie” nights….this time, our air conditioner is screwed and it’s blowing warm air instead of the cold one….which definitely not what I require nowadays. It didn’t make me sleep at all. It was damn hot. I even thought of occupying a hotel nearby just to regain my strength. But again, I have got my eyebags lined up.

Me and my mom were struggling to fix it but who could be awake at 3 in the morning to do this? So we just pretended that it was as cold as the usual while my sister was heavily sleeping open mouth as if nothing is happening. She doesn’t like being in the colds. She is always the culprit and I will not be surprised if she is the one who screwed this thing up.

Enough of the blaming game….so I went for my weekly badminton flirting…with Jay and harris of course. My neck is aching while making to much of “pa-tweetum” postures inside the gym. I hope patience will pay off soon. (*winks).

I went back home early while waiting for my mom and sis who is having a whole day makeover in the saloon. They weren’t even calling me. I guess they are having a great time. Well…..they will call me when they are done for sure.

Poor driver….my family of leeches! (jokes—)

I finally had time to open the arche-ochoa presentation which F3 made as a gift to lara on their 3rd aniv. Last time I saw…it was mute. I just viewed it now…with full dolby surround sound.

I told Lara I cried….(of course the assuming bitch who happens to be “me”….had a dramatic way of reading it as if the words were for me) Of course …thinking that it was from someone else…and forgetting about the slides…first and foremost..the slide where I was on it was horrendous. I didn’t look human at all.

…..but still…I am beautiful from the inside.

Enough of the crap and lara…if you are reading this. (iftar na girl…kainan na..hehe…)





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